Lalaloopsy Babies Newborns! Adopt One Today

lalaloopsy babies newborns

These adorable newborns are the latest in the Lalaloopsy Babies line! Meet the Sleepy, Sweet and Tart, Huggy, Snuggly, Messy, and Giggly babies! Click on any image to see the original sales post on eBay.


Lalaloopsy Babies Newborns are entirely plastic dolls about six inches tall. Each newborn comes with their own bottle and their box, which looks like a small bassinet. Their hats are not removable.

Babies Newborns

Each box has a punch out cardboard adoption certificate with a place to write in your newborn’s name and adoption date. Their information and a short poem are also included on the certificate. I think Huggy is my favorite! How about you?

14 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Babies Newborns! Adopt One Today

  1. I saw these at ToysRus the other day. They are really cute. My favorites are Sleepy, Snuggly, and Giggly. Which strangely were the three that they didn’t have…they had the other 3. I didn’t get one yet but I probably will end up with soon soon enough : )

  2. Thought I would share. Went to Walmart today and they had the large size Charms Seven Carat and the re release of Snowy Fairest if anyone is interested. They also had some of the new lala babies. They had spot and the ice cream one………and I think another one…i can’t remember. Was really surprised to see Charms though….she was VERY purple!!! LOL

    Also found this…new pet pals and little sisters from Bratzheaven.;0v1ike0w8knrwh4DZl8G3PZfcHhxuxMp8jbnKJoxoohHhRH3EdvffVf~;3bbt~;mnvxw5u3lypMfMdgf8ldz~;zL1vPtGXXvl7Fviof~;PfJ~;eW3b08pdzmO~;Lx~_~;yJ6hDef7PxBfMUkcT.bps.a.708520785910556/710850732344228/?type=1&theater

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