New Lalaloopsy Dolls, Girls, and Lalaloopsy Baby Cinder Slippers

Cinder Slippers Baby

Cinder Slippers is the next Lalaloopsy Baby Diaper Surprise! Click the image to see the (out of stock) Walmart store page.

cinder slippers baby 2

Lalaloopsy Baby Cinder Slippers has blonde hair and is wearing a white mouse hat with a tiny crown on top. She comes with three extra diapers, a bottle shaped like her pet mouse, a bracelet to hold your collected charms, and a spoon and bowl pretend feeding set.

Fancy Frost large

Fancy Frost ‘N’ Glaze is going to be a large sized Lalaloopsy doll! Her dress is very well done, although she’s missing her sugar cookie tiara in favor of twin ribbons.

April Sunsplash

Finally, April Sunsplash will become a Lalaloopsy Girl.¬†Photo taken from BratzHeaven (click the image to see their post), who in turn took it from Target. I really like the shoes and April’s multicolor hair. She’s still got her heart shaped glasses and a side ponytail, as well as her pet toucan.

10 thoughts on “New Lalaloopsy Dolls, Girls, and Lalaloopsy Baby Cinder Slippers

  1. cinder’s hat is her mouse, not an elephant?? lol :)

    so bummed that fancy frost n glaze is so plain. they should’ve added a little more detail for her bigger version, not taken details away.

  2. Now Do Baby Rosy Bumps & Bruises, Baby Misty Mysterious, Full-Sized Prince Handsome Doll, LG Cinder, LG Lady, LG Pillow (wearing a Pink Short-Sleeved Cropped T-Shirt with “Z” on it short enough to reveal her belly-button, but she also wears White Sweatpants and has no shoes to reveal her Pink Toenails), Baby Pickles B.L.T. and Baby Peppy Pom Poms

  3. Cool! I hope that since April’s alredy here, we’ll get more of the background lalaloopsy in the movie( dot, blossom, and dyna and I think pillow )

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