New Lalaloopsy Ponies and Minis Coming Soon

Light up ponie

More ponies and minis incoming! Thanks to Paulie Pie for pointing these sweet babies out to me!

Starry Night and Moon Glow are the newest addition to the Lalaloopsy Ponies series! With translucent wings and shimmering crowns, it’s no wonder these ponies light up! These ponies cost $19.99 and are a Target exclusive item. They have six different LED colors and are much bigger than the original ponies.


Thanks to Facebook user Trisha Sewlala, we know that there are even MORE ponies yet to be spotted. Looks like four new large ponies, four little ponies, and nine fancy styled ponies are in the works.

It’s difficult to tell much from the preview, but it looks like the new ponies will have more personality and different styles than the first six. The original ponies must have been fairly successful if MGAE is going to make more; it’s possible they benefited from being right next to the My Little Ponies in many stores. I know I like both the Lalaloopsy ponies and the My Little Pony ponies, so I’m sure there are plenty of other fans and kids who felt the same.

Cloud E Sky Cloud E sky2

Besides the new ponies, the minis we’ve been waiting for are finally here! Cloud E. Sky still has her angelic wings, halo, and her poodle, plus a cotton candy and a blue harp. She’s still got her star tattoo as well.

Pickles BLTPickles

Pickles B.L.T. has been miniaturized at last, with her adorable pet hot dog. She’s also got a burger, jar of pickles, mustard, and ketchup. This skating waitress is ready to serve up some snacks or hit the roller derby!

April Sunsplash April

April Sunsplash is just as colorful and fun as ever, with the addition of heart shaped sunglasses! It’s unknown as of yet if they are removable or permanently attached. She also has her pet toucan, an umbrella, and a pinwheel (which should really spin, if it’s like the other Lalaloopsy pinwheels).

It’s likely that there is another mini we simply have yet to see, as Lala minis are typically released four at a time. We’ll see!

UPDATE! Closer images thanks to Facebook user Anthony Ramos!


The smaller ponies which I called fancy earlier are Carousel sets with three pony figures each. They resemble My Little Pony blind bag figurines, some of them even resemble My Little Ponies themselves (carousel 1 has an Applejack lookalike, 2 has a Fluttershy lookalike, 3 has a Scootaloo lookalike).


These mid sized ponies are all food themed! We have Waffles the ice cream pony, Ropes the licorice pony, Mallow the marshmallow pony, and Mocha the chocolate/coffee pony.


The pose-able ponies have gotten a lot more personality! Snap Pea has a garden theme with a flower in her hair, Juggles is a clown pony, Slippers wears shoes and seems to be a ballerina, and Checkers is behind the rest, hard to see.

29 thoughts on “New Lalaloopsy Ponies and Minis Coming Soon

  1. I already seen the ponies at Target here in Florida! Also my sister said she saw them at Toy R Us a couple days ago before I had even heard of them.But they say only at Target? I guess you can find them at both stores.

  2. I just saw these today at Target! I hadn’t read anything about them online yet, so I was really surprised! I had no idea what they were. I saw Checkers and Snap Pea. They’re really cute in person~

  3. Wow! I am impressed!! I haven’t really been a fan of the original ponies that they released. Thought they all kind of looked the same but I think these look really cute. I probably still won’t get any…I only collect the big lalas…..but my daughter might enjoy them…if she seems interested i might get her one. The Cloud E. Sky mini is adorable. I will have to keep a look out for the new minis. I get those for my daughter…she is 16 months so they are great for her small hands..just got to put away all the accessories. She still always wants to play with my large size lalas though!!

    • Cute! My two year old niece also loves the minis, although when she was younger I couldn’t let her have them because she was always trying to break their legs off.

  4. I might have lied about the ponies….something about the marshmallow pony is calling to me!! Lol……too cute!!! <3

  5. Yippeee, Lalaloopsy horses! Jessica you turned me on to My Little Pony and went out and purchsed some! And, yes, there certainly is a huge resemblance to some of the MLP stars!
    Now, …. LOVE the latest mini’s! I have wanted Pickles but am running (no, have run) out of space for the large Lala’s so am thrilled to see she’s finally coming out as a mini. Now, lets see, who do you think is going to be the 4th in this series?????
    Thanks for always giving us the exciting lastest Lala news!!!!

  6. I hope they will release a Kat Jungle Roar mini. I love her.She’s def one of my all time favorites!Or maybe more of the mini sisters and have Kat Jungle Roar with Whiskers Lions Roar :)

  7. It’s me or Cloudy’s mini dress is more poofy? But i’m still loving her mini along with the other new 2. And speaking of April, i’m surprised to see her mini has glasses and the pink tones of the dress are inverted.

    Since i have of ponies and judging by the look has some resembrance to the Lala counterparts, it’s safe to see that some of these ponies with their matching Lalaloopsy.

  8. just purchased mini pickles, sunplash, and cloud e., on Amazon!!!! hurry if you want them…they are $9.99 and have limited supplies!! yay!!

  9. omg jessica i gonna die are soo awesome and cute the ponies bigs and babys that they have a personality like the dolls! are awesome and too the littles hanks soo much jessica i want all!!

  10. I saw these in person at Target today, and you can clearly see that many of them are tied directly to existing Lalaloopsy dolls through theme and design. Obviously the four smaller ponies match up with some of the candy-and-dessert-themed Shoppes Minis. I’m not sure you can tell this from the photos, but in person it is obvious that the mini Carousel pony sets match up with specific dolls too – there’s one that’s clearly Suzette-themed, for example. Now I finally realized the bigger ponies each match either a doll (Snap Pea matches Pix E. Flutters), or a theme from the Workshop sets – like princess and clown. It’s fun to figure out, but it’s interesting because it gives you a clue to what they may make in the future!

  11. I’ve grew up loving, reading, writing, and drawing horses and ponies. No surprise — I LOVE MLP and these ponies besides mini lalas. Do you know people are already selling some on eBay? Check it out!

  12. Hi guys, it’s Queen Sondok. I changed my name because I’m not really that much like her. And I love music and singing so much! But another reason why I chose Melody was because of one of those cute little Sanrio characters, My Melody.
    Here’s my top five favorites:
    1. My Melody!!!!!
    2. Cinnamoangels
    3. Sugarminuet
    4. Charmmy Kitty
    5. Kuromi

    • I love Sanrio, too! I think my favorites would be:
      1. Hello Kitty
      2. Cinnamaroll
      3. Sugarbunnies/Sugarminuet
      4. Chococat
      5. Pochocco

      Now I want to see some Hello Kitty x Lalaloopsy dolls. You could even make one for the contest!

  13. My little one just received the Target exclusive mini carousel ponies sets 2 and 3 from Nana and Papa. I’m disappointed they don’t have names, just numbers. No info on the website or in the package either. :-(

  14. I collect the minis and like to play Animal Crossing Wild World. I think Cloud E. Sky is adorable! Personally, I think Cloud E. Sky is a pun on cloudy sky. LOL!

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