Lala-oopsie Sea Horses

It seems that the Lala-oopsies have Walmart exclusive sea horse companions, with pets of their own!

Each of the sea horses has a long, curly mane; long enough to braid and brush with the included comb. Two of them have crowns, like the Lala-oopsie princesses, but the other two have unicorn horns. Sea unicorns? Judging by the underwater themed packaging they look like bath toys, which is a great market for Lalaloopsy to get into. Hopefully, their little companions will be squirt toys? This also marks the first Lalaloopsy type product to come with a brush that actually has a functional purpose.

I’m curious to see where Lala-oopsie will go with these sea horses. Are they docile pets themselves, or do they talk and interact with the Lala-oopsie princesses? Do the Lala-oopsies also live underwater, or do they simply visit? Hopefully we’ll get some animated shorts or better yet, a Lala-oopsie movie!

Sunstar is an orange sea horse with pink hair, green fins, and a unicorn horn. She has a stripe pattern on her body. A starfish pet and star shaped brush are included.

Sea Squirt is a polka dotted green sea horse with yellow fins, pink hair, and a crown. She comes with her pet squid and an orange star shaped brush.

Dottyback is an all pink sea horse with orange hair and a unicorn horn. She has a polka dot pattern on her body. Her pet crab and pink star brush are included.

Brittlestar is another all pink unicorn, striped, with green hair and a crown. Her pet octopus matches her hair color and she also has a pink star brush.

28 thoughts on “Lala-oopsie Sea Horses

  1. Where are people finding these?? I have seen the minis on Amazon for days for the high cost. But holy cow these are cute. Does Lalaloopsy give you any info? Are there release dates for the rest of the country.

  2. Okay, they look pretty big. But to be Mini Lala-oopsie sized, they would have to be pretty small; at least two inches. How big are they for real?

  3. they are about 6 inches same for the horses they are the size of my little ponies i had to find upc codes online and ask team members to pull them from the back for me

  4. I finally found 1 of the sea horses at Wal-Mart last night:):)I’m in Indiana, also my Toys R Us has the floating island in store.

  5. I like dottyback lots and im from New zealand. Its 12 days till my birthday, I cant wait! Ella, ( my best friend) her favourite lala oopsie sea horse is dottyback, to.

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