Lalaloopsy Soft Dolls

Lalaloopsy Soft Dolls are shorter, totally plush dolls that are much easier for little ones to cuddle. Their eyes are plastic buttons. Every soft doll comes in the same outfit their regular sized doll does, with a plush version of the same pet. There are no alternate outfits or furniture for soft dolls.

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Crumbs was sewn on December 4th, National Cookie Day, from a baker’s apron. She has a large bow sticking out of her hair, and underneath her yellow gingham dress, a heart with “Belongs to” printed above a line. Crumbs comes with her pet mouse.

Pillow Featherbed

Pillow was sewn on January 3rd, Festival of Sleep Day, from some of a baby’s blankie. She has a red bow in her hair. She’s wearing pink striped PJs and comes with her pet sheep, who’s looking a little square.

Bea Spells-a-Lot

Bea was sewn on October 16th, Dictionary Day, from pieces of a school girl’s uniform. She has a large red bow in the middle of her hair, and an apple on her shirt. She’s wearing a pleated skirt with suspenders and black boots. Her pink pet owl accompanies her.

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff

Mittens was sewn on December 21st, the First day of Winter, from an Eskimo’s scarf. She’s wearing a surprisingly elaborate outfit, with two white bows, a furry vest, and a blue tutu with bloomers peeking out underneath. Her polar bear returns, looking more like a little marshmallow with ears than ever before.

Spot Splatter Splash

Spot was sewn on October 25th, Picasso’s Birthday (also International Artist Day), from pieces of a painter’s overalls. She’s got her white and red dress splattered with blue paint. She has two red bows on her head, and two small buttons on the front of her overalls. Her pet zebra has a string tail and has also been splashed with blue paint.

Jewel Sparkles

Jewel was sewn on March 13th, Jewel Day, from the remnants of a real princess dress. She’s wearing a tiara and pink mary-janes with ribbons on them. Her dress is pink, with white polka dots and green ribbons. She comes with her pet cat, who has interesting yellow and black eyes.

Patch Treasurechest

Patch was sewn on September 19th, talk like a pirate day, from a pirate’s clothing. He’s wearing an eyepatch himself, and his striped shirt has a skull and crossbones on it. His pet parrot is winking, as always.

Peanut Big Top

Peanut was sewn on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, from brightly-colored pieces of a clown costume. She’s wearing red bows in her hair, and red finger-less gloves. She still has her star under the left eye. Her skirt is a gauzy ruffled orange tutu with a pink ribbon belt. Her pet elephant is also looking sharp in his top hat.

Sahara Mirage

Sahara was sewn on January 13th, Make Your Dream Come True Day, from pieces of a real genie’s veil. She has a golden tiara and shoes, and a gauzy pink skirt. Her camel has it’s eyes closed and a piece of yarn for a tail.

Misty Mysterious

Misty was sewn on March 24th, Houdini’s Birthday, from a magician’s cape. She’s wearing the same polka dot pink skirt and grey striped jacket as her full size doll. Her rabbit also has polka dots.

Marina Anchors

Marina was sewn on June 8th, World Ocean Day, from a sailor’s uniform. Red bows and ribbons accent her blue sailor outfit. Her whale is wearing a sailor’s hat and squirting out water.

Blossom Flowerpot

Blossom was sewn on April 22nd, Earth Day, from a pair of gardener’s gloves. Her skirt is made of an eyelet fabric with green gingham trim. She has flowers in her hair. Her butterfly has an orange heart on it’s pink wings.

Ember Flicker Flame

Ember was sewn on May 4th, International Firefighters Day, from a firefighting uniform. Her skirt is red and shiny, with yellow accent and suspenders. Her pet Dalmatian accompanies her.

Pix E. Flutters

Pix E. was sewn on June 24th, Fairy Day, from a fairies dress. She has wings and a shiny pink dress. Her pet is a firefly.

Rosy Bumps ‘N’ Bruises

Rosy was sewn on May 12th, International Nurses Day, from a nurse’s uniform. Her outfit is mostly pink and white, with a striped dress and a polka dotted cape. Her apron has the same stitched heart that her pet bear has over his eye.

Tippy Tumbelina

Tippy was sewn on February 2nd, 2/2 or tutu, from a ballerina’s tutu. Her shoes are ballet slippers that “tie up” her legs. She still has her four star tattoos, two by each eye. Her pet swan has a bow in it’s hair.