Mini Lalaloopsy Vehicles

Bea’s School Bus

Bea Spells-a-Lot is ready to ride to school with five of her friends in this cute bus. The back door swings open into a slide, and the STOP sign can be moved, to keep all your Lalaloopsy students safe!

Bea and her pet owl are ready for school! Bea has her school bag, and the pet owl is wearing a little driver’s cap. There’s also a safety cone.

Mini Lalaloopsy RC Cruiser

Charlotte Charades made her debut here! She’s the only Lalaloopsy with a painted face, because she’s a mime.

The RC Cruiser can fit two dolls, and even has seat-belts to keep them in. The remote only has two buttons, going straight forward or backwards and turning. There are no other pets or accessories.

More recently, other characters have been getting in on the same model RC Cruiser, with their own unique colors. Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Bea Spells-a-Lot are both series 1 versions.

Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Funhouse RC Cruiser

The silly funhouse version of the RC cruiser has polka dots, a clown nose, and swirly or doughnut wheels. They still carry two minis and do not come with extra pets or accessories.

Spot Splatter Splash appears in a new white and red coat with a black beret.

The Silly Funhouse RC cruisers also marked the first appearance of Cake Dunk ‘N’ Crumble!