Mini Lalaloopsy Two or More Packs

These sets were released around the same time as series 7, the fairy tale characters.

Cinder Slippers was sewn on September 5th, Be Late For Something Day, from Cinderella’s dress. Prince Handsome was sewn on March 20th, Proposal Day, from Prince Charming’s clothes. They both come with a pet mouse that matches their outfit. Prince comes with a sword and Cinders’ missing slipper on a pillow. There’s also a pumpkin carriage with little button wheels.

Alice in Lalaloopsyland was sewn on June 12th, Red Rose Day, from Alice in Wonderland’s dress. Wacky Hatter was sewn from September 15th, Make a Hat Day, from Mad Hatter’s hat. His pet cat is purple, representing the Cheshire cat from the series, while Alice’s rabbit is the white rabbit who was running late. They come with a tray of card suit cookies, a teapot, and a single teacup.

The Silly FunHouse sets were released at the same time as series 9. They feature old characters in new silly, fun costumes!

Blossom Flowerpot is dressed up as her pet butterfly, ready to take to the skies with her pink wings. She also has a butterfly balloon. Charlotte Charades is back in her mime makeup, and finally with her pet, an invisible dog! She can also make music with her accordion.

Peanut Big Top is back in puffy clown pants and a new hat with her friend Ember Flicker Flame, dressed as a spotted cow. Ember’s pet dalmatian and Peanut’s elephant have new hats, too. Peanut can ride around on her tricycle and throw her pie just like a clown while Ember holds her puppy balloon.

Various whole series’ have been released together as “Class Pictures”, containing each of the eight dolls and their pets.

Three packs have also been released; these versions come with all the accessories of the individual package.