Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Pet Parade Train

The Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Pet Parade Motorized Train

Although each wagon comes with it’s own pet, you can use any of the mini pets.

The Silly Pet Parade engine makes music as it runs, and one mini can fit in the train conductor’s seat.

The train engine comes with one pet wagon, a farm style basket with Berry’s pig. There’s also a railroad crossing sign.

The Tea Time Wagon comes with Crumb’s pet mouse, riding in a cute teacup with a parasol over it. The wheels and base look like cookies! The teacup spins around as the train moves.

The Spinning Pretty Wagon is being ridden by Jewel’s pet kitty. Her curtains are decorated with ribbons and pearls, and topped off with a tiara! The pedestal in the middle spins.

The Tipsy Sail Boat comes with Patch’s pet parrot, wearing an eye-patch. His wagon looks just like one of Marina’s paper boats, with a telescope and a crow’s nest. The boat sways back and forth on the waves as the train moves.

The Sleepy Pets Wagon looks like a hammock strung over a bed, with an alarm clock hanging nearby. It comes with Pillow’s pet sheep, and the hammock swings.