Mini Lalaloopsy Series 9

Series 9 was again split into two themes, with the first half as new characters based on candy and the second half being a variety of new characters based on large dolls.

#1 Bubbles Smack ‘N’ Pop

Bubbles was sewn on February 3rd, Bubble Gum Day, from a stick of bubble gum. She’s a fun girl with a bubbly personality, who always sticks by her friends! Bubbles thinks that the color pink can really make an outfit pop. She’s blowing a bubble with her chewing gum, the first and only Lalaloopsy to have her mouth covered. Her pet bear is made of bubbles. She comes with a balloon, a purse, and a bubblegum machine.

#2 Toasty Sweet Fluff

Toasty was sewn on August 10th, S’mores Day, from marshmallows. She loves to give big, squishy hugs! Toasty is a light-hearted girl with a bounce in her step, who loves animal babies and poofy dresses.  She’s has two marshmallow sticks coming out of her head behind her bow. Her pet bunny is made of a marshmallow, and she comes with a purse, a pillow to sit on, and a stick covered in marshmallows.

#3 Sugar Fruit Drops

Sugar was sewn on February 15th, National Gum Drop Day, from gumdrops. She loves pink grapefruit and any bite-sized food! She has the same hairstyle as Suzette La Sweet, but made of orange fruit drop. Sugar loves a juicy tidbit, but she always sugar coats her own words. Her pet is a gumdrop mouse. Sugar also comes with an umbrella, a purse, and a potted gumdrop plant.

#4 Twist E. Twirls

Twist was sewn on April 12th, National Licorice Day, from red licorice. She’s a super sweet jump rope expert! She likes to stretch, twist, and bend, but if she’s pulled in too many directions, she’ll snap!  Her outfit and her pet butterfly are made of licorice. Twist also has a hula hoop, a jump rope, and a black licorice purse.

#5 Mango Tiki Wiki

Mango was sewn on May 2nd, Play Your Ukulele Day, from a grass skirt. She loves to listen to music in the sunshine, make flower bracelets, and carve coconuts. She comes with her own flower lei, ukulele, and a coconut drink with a straw in it. Mango has unique green eyes and a pet bird who looks like a pineapple.

#6 Feather Tell-a-Tale

Feather was sewn on April 27th, National Story Telling Day, from a pair of moccasins. She loves to tell stories and do crafts. Her hair is braided, a unique style with a headband and a feather on the back. Her pet is two bears stacked together like a totem pole. They appear as a picture in her storybook. She also has a campfire and a red purse.

#7 Harmony B. Sharp

Harmony was sewn on March 27th, International Theater Day, from a singer’s dress. She’s wearing a top hat and a pigtail over a hairstyle similar to Rosy Bumps ‘N’ Bruises, based on the accessories from her Silly Hair version. She has a small music note above one eye. She loves to be in the spotlight, singing, dancing, or telling jokes. She has a microphone to perform with, a sign advertising her show, and a bouquet of flowers. Her pet cat is also dressed for the show with a small bow tie.

#8 Dyna Might

Dyna was sewn on April 28th, National Superhero Day, from a super hero’s cape. She’s a fearless action star who saves the day with her pink powered goggles. Dyna loves to wear disguises, run at super speed, and fly. Her pet raccoon makes a trusty sidekick. Goggles and a cape accessorize her costume. She also has a small trampoline.