Mini Lalaloopsy Series 8

Series 8 was split into two themes, the first being the Shoppes minis, each themed after a food. I don’t know how they were “sewn” from food, but we can roll with it. The second theme proved that the Lalaloopsy team were not past redoing old characters with old outfits in the Sew Sleepy collection. The Sew Sleepy minis only come with their pet and a sleeping bag, and none of them can sit properly because of the style of legs.

#1 Cherry Crisp Crust

Cherry was sewn on February 20th, National Cherry Pie Day, from a cherry pie. Cherry loves running her pie shop; she’s a warmhearted girl who thinks life is just like a big bowl of cherries. She comes with her own bowl of cherries, a rolling pin, and a finished cherry pie. Her pet is a black bird, possibly a crow, with a little red bow.

#2 Bun Bun Sticky Icing

Bun Bun was sewn on October 4th, National Cinnamon Bun Day, from a cinnamon bun. She’s got a big personality; the perfect girl to have with you in a sticky situation. Her pet snail matches her cinnamon bun look, and she also comes with a jar of cinnamon sticks, heart shaped measuring spoons, and a pan with four cinnamon buns on it.

#3 Scoops Waffle Cone

Scoops was sewn on July 19th, National Ice Cream Day, from a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream. Scoops loves variety, but has trouble deciding what she wants. Her pet cat is also into the ice cream theme, and Scoops can serve up cool treats in her shoppe with her trusty ice cream scoop. She also comes with a bucket of Neapolitan ice cream and a chocolate sundae.

#4 Jelly Wiggle Jiggle

Jelly was sewn on July 12th, Eat Something Jiggly Day, from a bowl of lime jelly. Jelly is a silly girl who can’t stop giggling once she starts and loves to make her friends laugh. Her pet turtle is made of lime gelatin too, and she comes with a jelly mold, an orange jelly dessert, and her book.

#5 Peanut Big Top

Peanut was sewn on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, from pieces of a brightly-colored clown costume. Peanut is ready to perform magic tricks at a sleepover with her friends. She comes with her pet elephant and a fabric sleeping bag. This version of Peanut comes with legs that are not free floating, and she has some trouble sitting upright alone.

#6 Peppy Pom Poms

Peppy was sewn on September 9th, National Spirit Day, from a cheer-leading uniform. She’s ready to party and giggle all night in her favorite PJs. She comes with her shaggy pet dog and a fabric sleeping bag. This version of Peppy comes with legs that are not free floating, and she has some trouble sitting upright alone.

#7 Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Crumbs was sewn on December 4th, National Cookie Day, from pieces of a baker’s apron. She’s been working on a new recipe for frosted sugar cookies that’s sure to go over well at her sleepover. Crumbs comes with her pet mouse and a fabric sleeping bag. This version of Crumbs comes with legs that are not free floating, and she has some trouble sitting upright alone.

#8 Pix E. Flutters

Pix E. was sewn on June 24th, Fairy Day, from a real fairy dress. Pix E. lalaloves glitter, so she’s packing her favorite sparkly slippers for the sleepover tonight. Pix E. comes with her pet firefly and a fabric sleeping bag. She’s the only Sew Sleepy mini who is wearing a bathrobe instead of footie pajamas.