Mini Lalaloopsy Series 7

Series 7 is also known as the Lalaloopsy Tales series because every mini is based on a figure from a fairy tale. This also marks the first series since 2 to have all new characters.

#1 Scarlet Riding Hood

Scarlet was sewn on May 18th, Visit Your Relatives Day, from Red Riding Hood’s cape. She isn’t afraid of the woods, and likes to have picnics and make new friends there. The wolf isn’t big or bad, he’s Scarlet’s pet! She’s also got a basket full of treats and a pie. Scarlet loves wearing red, and she can go with or without her detachable cape.

#2 Little Bah Peep

Little Bah Peep was sewn on February 20th, Love Your Pet Day, from Little Bo Peep’s bonnet. She loves to play follow the leader with her two pet sheep, who can connect to form a little pet train. When she loses things, which is often because of her forgetfulness, she gets upset. Bah Peep also comes with a curved staff that matches her outfit.

#3 Tuffet Miss Muffet

Tuffet was sewn on March 14th, Save a Spider Day, from Little Miss Muffet’s apron. Tuffet Miss Muffet isn’t afraid of spiders, especially her pet spider, but she is afraid of pretty much everything else. She makes sure to eat breakfast every morning. Tuffet comes with a pin cushion to sit on while she eats her curds and whey with a spoon.

#4 Curls ‘N’ Locks

Curls was sewn on October 29th, National Oatmeal Day, from a piece of Goldilock’s dress. Curls is picky, and always wants what others have. She loves to eat porridge, but only if it’s just right. Her three pet bears accompany her, as well as a bowl of porridge.

#5 Pix E. Flutters

Pix E. was sewn on June 24th, Fairy Day, from a real fairy dress. Pix E. loves to fly around covering everything in glitter. She’s always looking on the bright side of life. Her pet is a firefly, and she also comes with a smaller firefly in a jar, a star wand, and a heart shaped bug net. Pix E. Flutters has elfish shoes like Holly Sleighbells.

#6 Coral Sea Shells

Coral was sewn on March 22nd, World Water Day, from a swimming suit. Coral likes to pretend she’s really a mermaid. She eats seaweed salad and swims with the fishes, like her pet blowfish. She also has a goldfish in a bowl, a clam with a pearl in it, and a small harp. Her mermaid tail is not removable.

#7 Pete R. Canfly

Pete was sewn on August 12th, International Youth Day, from Peter Pan’s hat. Pete is a playful boy who likes to pretend he can fly and never, ever wants to grow up. Pete comes with his own pan flute, slingshot, and a mysterious brown sack. His pet is a crocodile on wheels. Male Lalaloopsy minis do not come with the usual swinging mini legs, and it’s difficult for them to sit without something behind them.

#8 Snowy Fairest

Snowy was sewn on December 1st, Eat a Red Apple Day, from Snow White’s dress. She likes to tidy up and keep the house clean with her pet squirrel and friend gnome. Although she’s friendly, Snowy is a little vain, and likes to be the prettiest of them all. She also comes with a caramel red apple on a stick and a mirror.