Mini Lalaloopsy Series 5

Series 5 is the most mysterious set of minis, as they’re labeled 1 through 5, then 7 and 8. There is no number six mini, and there has never been an explanation of why. Five is also the first series to copy it’s own outfits; Peanut and Spot are wearing the same thing in different colors.

#1 Peanut’s Elephant Act

Peanut Big Top was sewn on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, from bits of a brightly-colored clown costume. This set focuses on Peanut’s pet elephant, who has changed up the top hat for a skirt and bow. There is a circus platform, a balloon, and a hula hoop for Peanut and co to perform and play with.

#2 Crumb’s Tea Time

Crumbs Sugar Cookie was sewn on December 4th, National Cookie Day, from pieces of a baker’s apron. She’s wearing Dot Starlight’s outfit from series 1, recolored in her style. Her pet mouse has cute new ears that look like cookies. She comes with a teapot, a teacup with a saucer, and a pan of fresh croissants and cinnamon buns.

#3 Jewel’s Bubble Bath

Jewel Sparkle was sewn on March 13th, Jewel Day, from pieces of a princess dress. Jewel takes her beauty very seriously, spending plenty of time prepping in the bath every day. She’s prepared with a towel, her bottle of shampoo, and even a cute rubber duck. Her pet cat gets ready, too, with a green shower cap.

#4 Lady Writes a Poem

Lady Stillwaiting was sewn on February 26th, tell a fairytale day, from a fair maiden’s dress. Lady Stillwaiting is inspired by romance and loves to write poems about love. She’s wearing a recolor of Crumbs Sugar Cookie’s series 1 dress with different shoes. Her unicorn, embroidery stool, feather quill, and scroll of parchment are all recolors of the first edition Lady Stillwaiting.

#5 Spot’s New Masterpiece

Spot Splatter Splash was sewn on October 25th, International Artist Day (also Picasso’s Birthday), from a pair of painter’s overalls. Spot is wearing a recolor of Peanut’s dress from number one in this series. Her zebra has inspired her to create his likeness on canvas, which also comes with an easel to hold it and a paintbrush.

#6 Does not exist in this series! There may have been a faulty prototype, or some other reason this doll was pulled from the lineup, but it’s simply never appeared.

#7 Patch’s Treasure Hunt

Patch Treasurechest was sewn on September 19th, talk like a pirate day, from a real pirate’s clothes. Patch is ready to play treasure hunt in his skeleton pajamas with his talking parrot. He comes with a treasure chest, telescope, and a map to get him to the treasure. X marks the spot! Male Lalaloopsy minis do not come with the usual swinging mini legs, and it’s difficult for them to sit without something behind them.

#8 Forest Evergreen

Forest was sewn on September 26th, Lumberjack Day, from a lumberjack’s overalls. He loves adventure in the outdoors and eating anything covered in maple syrup. His pet beaver has a red hat. Forest is ready to chop down any tree with his axe and long saw. He even has a tree stump to prove it! Male Lalaloopsy minis do not come with the usual swinging mini legs, and it’s difficult for them to sit without something behind them.