Mini Lalaloopsy Series 4

Series 4 was the first to have more than one of the same character in a series. In the second half, there are more recolored repeats for accessories and outfits.

#1 Bea Plays in the Rain

Bea Spells-a-Lot was sewn on October 16th, Dictionary Day, from a school girl’s uniform. She’s ready to play in the rain all the way to school in her raincoat, and comes with an umbrella, her school book bag and a book about clouds. Her pet owl is back with more detail and the same wink.

#2 Marina’s Beach Day

Marina Anchors was sewn on June 8th, World Ocean Day, from a sailor’s uniform. Marina loves to spend time at the beach with her pet whale, who is sporting a red hat for their special day. She’s in a cute new swimsuit, and wearing water wings because she can’t swim. With a beach ball, a shovel, and a bucket full of sand, Marina is ready to hit the beach!

#3 Pepper’s Midnight Snack

Pepper Pots ‘N’ Pans was sewn on June 17th, eat your vegetables day, from a chef’s oven mitt. In her second edition, Pepper is hungry and can’t go back to bed without a snack. Her pet piggy has a sleep mask on, and Pepper can chow down on her triple layer sandwich and eat her pink ice cream sundae with her spoon. This Pepper does not come with the usual swinging mini legs, and it’s difficult for her to sit without something behind her.

#4 Mittens Bundles Up

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff was sewn on December 21st, the very First day of Winter, from an Eskimo’s scarf. Mittens and her pet polar bear are all bundled up for walking and playing in a winter wonderland. Mittens can go down hills on her sled, or even make jumps with her shovel. Mittens can even bury her ice cream bar in a snow bank for later!

#5 Marina’s Sea Adventure

Marina Anchors appears in the number 4 series again, this time in a nautical blue recolor of Pepper Pots ‘N’ Pans’ dress from series 2. Her whale has changed hats from white to blue to match her new outfit. The telescope and paper sailboat make another appearance, although the lifesaver seems smaller than her first edition.

#6 Misty’s Full of Tricks

Misty was sewn on March 24th, Houdini’s Birthday, from a magician’s cape. Her outfit has the same colors as her first edition, but this time as a recolor of Jewel Sparkles from series 1. Her accessories are also a match to the old Misty, but with a more pink themed top hat, wand, jack in the box, and cards. Her bunny pet is completely unchanged from his previous self.

#7 Sahara’s Desert Dream

Sahara Mirage was sewn on January 13th, make your dream come true day, from pieces of a genie’s veil. Her pet camel is back with all her accessories from the first edition, including a genie bottle, crystal ball, and pillow to sit on. The Paint on her sleeves and crown is shiny and golden, although they only used orange on her dress’ fringe. This dress is a recolor of Pillows from her Sleepover Party furniture play set.

#8 Pepper Cooks Up Fun

Pepper appears again in series 4, this time fully dressed in the middle of the day. She’s got her same cute pink piggy with her, as well as recolors of her original lidded pot, ladle, and bowl of soup. Her red dress and apron are a recolored version of the same worn by Crumbs in her Tea Party furniture play set.