Mini Lalaloopsy Series 3

Series 3 was the first series with repeating character dolls and the first with repeating recolored outfits. Mittens, Pillow, Peanut, and Spot all appear in new outfits, with recolors of their same old accessories from Series 1. Series 3 also marks the first arrival of boys in the mini Lalaloopsy style.

#1 Mittens’ Sleepover

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff was sewn on December 21st, the First day of Winter, from an Eskimo’s scarf. In her second appearance, Mittens is ready to snuggle down with her cocoa after a long day of snowball fights. She comes with a matching blue cup of hot cocoa, a sparkly snowman, a stick covered in pink marshmallows, and her trusty polar bear companion. This version of Mittens comes with legs that are not free floating, and has some trouble sitting upright alone. Mitten’s new pajamas are a recolored version of Pillow’s first edition.

#2 Spot Paints Purple

Spot Splatter Splash was sewn on October 25th, International Artist Day (also Picasso’s Birthday), from a pair of painter’s overalls. Spot is ready for a day of painting perfectly purple, and her pet zebra has the purple stripes to match. Spot comes with a bucket of purple paint, a palette, and a paintbrush. This version of Spot comes with legs that are not free floating, and has some trouble sitting upright alone. Spots’ outfit is a recolored version of the overalls Sunny is wearing in her first edition.

#3 Peanut’s New Tricks

Peanut Big Top was sewn on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, from pieces of a brightly colored clown costume. In her second edition, Peanut has donned gloves and a bow tie for her brand new performance! Her pet elephant even changed hats for the occasion. Peanut’s caramel corn, ball, and pink star flag are all recolored versions of her original accessories. This Peanut is dressed in a recolor of Misty Mysterious’ first edition.

#4 Pillow’s Story Time

Pillow Featherbed was sewn on January 3rd, Festival of Sleep Day, from pieces of a baby’s blanket. This is Pillow’s first time in a dress, with little bloomers peeking out from below her skirt. Her pet sheep is back, as are her alarm clock, fairy tales story book, and favorite milk in new colors. Pillow’s new outfit is actually a recolor of Mitten’s first edition outfit.

#5 Sir Battlescarred

Sir Battlescarred was sewn on May 29th, End of the Middle Ages Day, from a knight’s armor. He likes to pretend he is a fearless hero, skilled in archery, sword fighting, and storming castles. Sir B comes with his pet dragon, a shield, a sword, and a wooden horse to play with.

#6 Lady Stillwaiting

Lady Stillwaiting was sewn on February 26th, tell a fairytale day, from a fair maiden’s dress. She spends her time writing romantic poetry, singing, and idly waving from her balcony. Her pet unicorn has a heart shaped cutie mark on his flank. Lady can sit on her embroidery stool while she uses her pink quill to write on her scroll of parchment.

#7 Ace Fender Bender

Ace was sewn on July 30th, Henry Ford’s Birthday, from a mechanic’s clothes. He has a quick temper and loves taking things apart, but not reassembling them. Ace comes with a pet monkey, his trusty red toolbox, a wrench, and an oil can.

#8 Swirly Figure Eight

Swirly was sewn on January 20th, World Penguin Day, from an ice skating costume. A girl who loves glitter, Swirly wants to practice every day to win, even if the twirling makes her dizzy. Her pet penguin is pink with a little bow tie. Swirly was the first mini lalaloopsy to come with a wearable accessory, her medal necklace. Her skates make her stand out among other minis too, as she’s the only one to have them. She also includes a snow cone and a bouquet of lilac flowers.