Mini Lalaloopsy Series 2

#1 Sunny Side Up

Sunny was sewn on October 12th, Old Farmers Day, from a farmer’s shirt and overalls. She loves waking up at the crack of dawn, caring for her farm animals, and eating HUGE breakfasts made by her sister! Her yellow pet chick has pink wings, and she comes with her pitchfork, a frying pan cooking a heart shaped egg, and a golden egg with little feet poking out. Sunny Side Up and Berry Jars ‘N’ Jam are twin sisters who work hard together to achieve their dreams. Sunny Side Up does not come with the traditional mini Lalaloopsy legs, and it’s difficult to balance her into a sitting position without something to lean on.

#2 Berry Jars ‘N’ Jam

Berry was sewn on October 12th, Old Farmers Day, from a farmer’s shirt and overalls.  She’s a bit nosy, with a good heart, and makes the biggest stack of buttermilk pancakes in Lalaloopsyland. Her pet is a cow with pink spots, and she comes with a basket of fruit, a jar of jam, and a stack of pancakes on a plate. Berry Jars ‘N’ Jam is Sunny Side Up’s twin sister; their hair accessories compliment each other and they were made from the same fabrics.

#3 Blossom Flowerpot

Blossom was sewn on April 22nd, Earth Day, from a pair of gardener’s gloves. She’s very patient and kind, always cheerfully digging around in the dirt. Her pet is a butterfly with a patch on it’s wing, and she comes with a garden shovel, a watering can, and a potted orange flower.

#4 Tippy Tumbelina

Tippy was sewn on February 2nd, because the date 2/2 sounds like tutu, from a ballerina’s tutu. She’s an ultra girly girl, who loves being on stage (even though she falls off sometimes). She comes with a graceful pet swan, a phonograph playing a record, a bouquet of red button flowers, and a sign advertising her ballet show. Tippy was the first mini to come with her style of “tie up” ballet slippers.

#5 Pepper Pots ‘N’ Pans

Pepper was sewn on June 17th, eat your vegetables day, from a chef’s oven mitt. Cooking cheese soup and carrot sandwiches may be her specialty, but cleaning dishes definitely is not.  Her pet is a pig, and she comes with a pot with a fitting lid, a ladle, and a bowl of her homemade soup.

# 6 Misty Mysterious

Misty was sewn on March 24th, Houdini’s Birthday, from a magician’s cape. She loves secrets and surprises, and she’s always got a trick up her sleeve. She can pull her pet rabbit out of her top hat, or use her magic wand, playing cards, or stare at her nonfunctional jack in the box. Misty also has a small heart tattoo next to her left eye (her left, not yours).

#7 Sahara Mirage

Sahara was sewn on January 13th, make your dream come true day, from a real genie’s veil.  She’s a charming girl with a fear of the dark, who always seems to pop up when she’s least expected. She comes with her pet camel, as well as a magic crystal ball, a pillow for her to sit on, and a genie’s bottle with a heart shaped stopper. Sahara does not come with the usual mini legs, and it’s difficult for her to sit without something behind her.

#8 Marina Anchors

Marina was sewn on June 8th, World Ocean Day, from a sailor’s uniform. She’s very organized, and she always keeps everything neatly ship shape. Marina also loves the ocean (even though she can’t swim). Marina’s pet whale has his own tiny sailor’s hat, and she also comes with a telescope, a life preserver, and a paper boat.