Mini Lalaloopsy Houses

Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse

The treehouse is actually two trees connected by a bridge piece, with the little pink house being removable.

The accessories include two tools, a paintbrush and can of paint, a pincushion chair, a button and spool table, and a sandwich with milk.

Spot Splatter Splash and Patch Treasurechest come with the set. For some reason in promotional pictures Spot, a traditionally dark skinned girl, seems to be white. I haven’t actually found a product in any store where the doll included was actually so pale. It seems to be the same version as her first edition, with a blue zebra. Patch comes in an adorable and unique outfit you can’t find anywhere else. 

There are hammocks, swings, and even a lookout spot. The elevator can hold minis up, so they can actually stand while they use it.


Mini Lalaloopsy Carry-Along Playhouse

Sunny Side Up returns in pink overalls with her pet chick and her sister Berry’s pet cow.

The inside has five rooms decorated like the various furniture playsets. It comes with a cardboard bed, side table, and tray of cookies to play with.

Mini Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Playhouse

Despite being very cute, the playhouse has been criticized for only coming with no furniture to place inside. If you want Lalaloopsy furniture in your house, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Blossom Flowerpot is ready to garden, and comes with two pots of flowers that can clip onto the balcony railing or windows. The picnic table has a cute umbrella attached, but it doesn’t fit inside the house. A pet butterfly, jug of lemonade, two lemon cups, and a small piece of mail also come with the house. There is even a little mail slot to put it in, and a shelf to catch it!

The swing in front can hold two dolls, and four can sit at the table. The two halves of the front door move individually, and the pet doors swing open below the mail slot into floor one and at the top of the pet elevator into floor three.

Unlike the colorful front, the inside of the house is all pink. There is enough space for four of the furniture sets on the first two floors, and the third floor can hold all your pets, or sitting minis!