Mini Lalaloopsy Furniture Sets


The earliest Lalaloopsy furniture packs sometimes came with two dolls. They were called parties after all!

Pillow’s Sleepover Party

Pillow Featherbed and her sheep are ready to get some well earned shut eye! With Spot Splatter Splash along as a bonus mini, they can read bedtime stories before they turn off the light, then stay up all night talking! Although it shows two “pillows” painted on the bed, only one doll will really fit on the bed at a time while laying down.

Crumb’s Tea Party

Crumbs Sugar Cookie is having a tea party! With a fashionable guest like Jewel Sparkle, things will certainly go fabulously. There’s a cup and saucer each for two minis, and a tea pot and cookie jar to serve from. This cookie jar doesn’t have a removable lid, although you can turn the cookie chairs into cookie stools if you pull the backrest off.

The cute furniture kept coming, along with new minis. The furniture sets are all the perfect size for the Lalaloopsy house which, naturally, comes empty. You’ll need a few of these if you want to have a bustling home for your minis.

Jewel’s Primpin’ Party

There’s nothing Jewel Sparkles likes better than looking her best! She takes plenty of time in front of her vanity to get ready for each party and event that she attends. It’s unfortunate that the mirror, brush, and spray perfume are recolors of the first edition Jewel Sparkles’ accessories. There is a new heart shaped bottle, and a lamp. Her kitten is primpin’ too, with bows and a necklace to match Jewel.

Berry’s Kitchen

This kitchen is so lalalovely! The sink has room for all your spatulas and whisks, the oven door really opens, and Berry is borrowing Sunny’s old frying pan with a heart shaped egg. Berry’s new outfit has her wearing one oven mitt, and she comes with the same jam and pancakes as always. Her cow is ready to chow down with a new bib. The only real downside to this set is that the cute details on the stove and sink are both on the same side, so if you have them next to each other you can’t see the sink towel and the oven mitt.

The latest furniture releases have cut down on the packaging dramatically, and it’s no longer such a hassle to get them open. This does come at the expense of no longer having some of the packaging background left for use as the “house” of the mini.

Marina Anchors’ Bubble Fun

Marina, the nautical girl who can’t swim, is back with a floaty tube and ready for bath time! Her bathtub comes with a movable bar to lay across for holding your brush and shampoo. Her pet whale, life preserver, and paper sail boat accompany her, as always. The mirror above the sink really is reflective, just like all other Lalaloopsy mirrors.

Camping with Sunny

The long awaited return of Sunny Side Up is a fanciful camping trip! Finally, a fire to roast all those marshmallow sticks on, and even tell ghost stories around. Her tent is already set up, and there’s even a (permanently attached) nest for her bird. She can pour a cup of coffee out of the kettle above the fire into her own tin cup, and there’s even a lamp for the spooky night time.