Mini Lalaloopsy Amusement Park Rides

Although the Ferris Wheel and Silly FunHouse came out at different times, they go together perfectly!

Mini Lalaloopsy Silly FunHouse Park

The Park is where Lalaloopsy minis go to play! The new Misty Mysterious has a bunny hood and a mini top hat, and her pet rabbit is hiding in a bigger top hat. She comes with a cash register and two pretzels for the snack stand, a pinwheel and balloon to play with, and a mouse cart to ride the roller coaster in.

Besides the snack shop and roller coaster, there is also a zip line, a slide made out of a really long bendy straw, and two swings. One swing is a colander and the other is a pink frosted doughnut.

Peanut’s Spinning Ferris Wheel

Peanut Big Top runs her own three teacup Ferris wheel! She comes with another flag and popcorn, and three lollipops. Her elephant is wearing a little orange hat and a clown nose. The staircase looks like tickets, with Admit One written on each of them.

Tippy and Scoops are coming back in their own furniture packs; Tippy’s Ballet Recital and Scoops Serves Ice Cream.

Tippy Tumbelina is ready for her performance, in a new orange and pink outfit; even her duck is wearing pink! She has a stage, a phonograph, a chair, a bouquet of button flowers, a sign with “Sold out show” on it, and a rope between two bars. Scoops is ready to serve up ice cream with her own shop! She and her cat are dressed in mint chocolate chip, and there are four ice cream treats, a bucket of ice cream, and a heart shaped scoop.