Holiday Mini Lalaloopsy

Some rare Minis are released at certain holidays, only at Target, then never seen again. Their packaging is also holiday themed, and doesn’t turn into a house or shop.

Candy Broomsticks was sewn on November 4th, National Candy Day, from a witch’s hat. She loves to practice magic. Her outfit is a Halloween colored version of Crumbs Sugar Cookies, with a little purple hat. She has a book of potions and spells, and something brewing in her pot, she can stir with her ladle. Her black cat accompanies her. Candy loves mischief, but she can’t help but be nice.

Cotton Hoppalong was sewn on March 21st, the First Day of Spring, from a pair of bunny slippers. She’s an energetic girl who loves to bounce around, but won’t share her candy. Cotton is always hatching crazy ideas! She comes with accessories similar to peanut: a flag, a ball, and cotton candy. Cotton’s outfit is a white version of Pillow’s PJs, with fluffy bunny ears as an a headband. Her pet chick matches her Easter theme.

Sprouts Sunshine was sewn on June 3rd, National Egg Day, from a flower basket. She came with some slightly different hair and dress colors, all under the same name. Sprouts is bright and cherry, and uses every color of the rainbow to paint Easter eggs. She has a weakness for chocolate and loves to play hide and seek. Her outfit is a recolor of Blossom Flowerpot’s, but her hair is held back in a big bonnet. She comes with an egg midway throughhatching, a bucket of paint with a brush, and her pet bunny.

Holly Sleighbells was sewn on December 1st, National Mistletoe Day, from an elf’s costume. She’s a handy helper, and looks like one of Santa’s elves, with pointed green shoes and striped socks. She likes to wrap presents and write lists. She comes with a candy cane heart wand, a wrapped present, and a checklist. She’s accompanied by her pet reindeer, who almost looks like a decorated gingerbread cookie.