Stroller and Fashion Packs

Lalaloopsy Littles Fashion Packs

Unlike the regular fashion packs for big Lalaloopsy dolls, none of the Little fashion packs come with shoes.

The Sleep Sack

This adorable outfit has a pink shirt with white polka dots underneath a suspender-ed orange sleeping sack with a gingham heart sewn on the front.

The Frog Bathrobe

This all green frog cape has eyes where the higher pigtails would be on some Littles. The bathrobe seals with a pink button on the front.

Striped Pajamas

These pajamas are pink and white striped with a little heart patch on the front right leg. There are three blue buttons on the front, although they don’t do anything.

The Coat

This pink coat has four buttons on the front and white fur trim all around. Since the coat is short, it’s possible to wear it over another outfit for a bundled up look.

Play Outfit

The fake zipper on the front of the blue polka dotted shirt makes an adorable detail. The blue gingham shorts are probably attached.

Spotted PJs

These spotted footie pajamas are sew cute! The orange sleeves have a nice texture and the white collar is adorable. The two red buttons do not function.

Lalaloopsy Littles Rocker ‘n’ Stroller

The Rocker ‘n’ Stroller can transform between a rocking horse and a horsey stroller with little button wheels. There’s even an apple carriage for a Little pet! There are two seat-belts to secure your Little on this polka-dotted pink horse, and the rocking “wooden” curved piece turns into the stroller handle. There is also a red colored stroller sold exclusively at Target with Sherri Charades.