Tippy Tumblelina

Tippy Tumblelina was sewn on February 2nd, Two-Two/tutu, from a ballerina’s tutu.

Tippy is a girly girl who loves frills. She loves to be on stage, despite the fact that she occasionally falls off. She has two star tattoos next to each eye. Her pet is a graceful swan. Her ballet slippers lace up her leg and she always wears a tutu.

Tippy’s first mini was revealed in Series 2. She had her own advertisement board, phonograph, and a bouquet of button flowers. Her pet swan wears a bow.

Tippy’s Ballet Recital was released around the same time as the Silly Funhouse. She has another advertisement board, phonograph, and bouquet as well as her own stage, a plush sitting chair, and her dressed up pet swan. Tippy is wearing a crown instead of her bows and has added a lot of yellower orange to her previous pink and orange palette.

Tippy Tumblelina also comes in soft doll style, with her tie up shoes and layers of tulle tutus. Her pet swan is wearing a pink bow.