Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up was sewn on October 12th, Old Farmers Day, from a farmer’s shirt and overalls. She loves to get up at dawn and have a huge breakfast. She cares for animals, including her pet chick.

Sunny side up is sold alone or with her sister, Berry Jars ‘N’ Jam. They are the first and only Lalaloopsy siblings consisting of both large dolls. Sunny is also one of the only girls to come in something other than a dress. Her denim overalls are decorated with white flowers and red buttons to match her red sneakers.


Sunny’s Series 2 mini comes with a pitchfork, eggs frying in a pan, a cracked golden egg with feet sticking out, and her pet chick.

Camping With Sunny is a standalone furniture set. It has a tent, a lantern, a fireplace with a stick bundle to hang a kettle from, a cup, a stick covered in marshmallows, and Sunny’s pet chick in a nest. Sunny is wearing footie pajamas.

A recolored version of the first Sunny Side Up mini was included with the first Carry Along Playhouse. She has all pink overalls with blue shoes, her pet chick, and her sister Berry’s pet cow.