Spot Splatter Splash

Spot Splatter Splash was sewn on October 25th, International Artist’s Day, from a pair of painter’s overalls. She also has the same birthday as Picasso.

Spot loves to paint! She’s an artsy girl who doesn’t mind getting messy doing things like jumping in mud puddles and eating spaghetti. She wears a white overall dress that’s been splattered with blue paint. Her Zebra matches her striped shirt, and even has blue paint splatters of his own!

The silly hair version of Spot is wearing a splattered old school painters smock. One of her shoes even has a little splash of blue paint. Her pet Zebra’s tail can bend and wear accessories too.

Scribbles Splash is Spot’s younger sister. Her onepiece has the same red with white polkadots as Spot’s underskirt. They love to paint and make messes together, although it upsets Spot when Scribbles makes too much of a mess and ruins her paintings!

The soft version of Spot looks a lot like the original, but with a more yellow hair color. Her pet Zebra has a soft piece of yarn for a tail.

Spot was one of the 8 original Lalaloopsy girls. She appeared in Series 1 with her pet zebra and some blue paint. She traded her accessories and pet for purple versions in the Series 3 Spot Paints Purple. Her outfit is overalls, meaning she has pose-able legs instead of the normal floppy ones.

Spot appeared again with an adorable easel, with a painting of her zebra on it, in Series 5. Most recently, Spot appeared, in a cute new dress and beret, with her own Silly Funhouse RC car.