Scoops Waffle Cone

Full_Scoops_Waffle_Cone Scoops_Official_Box

Scoops Waffle Cone was made on July 19th, National Ice Cream Day, from Neapolitan ice cream. Her pet is an ice cream cat. Like her hair, she’s a triple scoop of fun who loves variety. She’s a cool customer who sometimes has trouble deciding what she wants.

ScoopsPackage ScoopsWaffleCone

Scoops original mini from series 8 looks like she’s dipped her waffle cone skirt in chocolate. She comes with an ice cream bucket, scoop, and sundae. Her ice cream cat is just as adorable as ever.


In the Scoops Serves Ice Cream playset, Scoops has the same outfit in a mint chocolate chip theme! Even ice cream cat is minty colored, with a white apron. Her first accessories are included as recolors, along with an ice cream sandwich, bitten ice cream bar,  five scoop strawberry cone, and a small waffle cone table. Her Ice Cream Shoppe works well with the Silly Funhouse Park.