Sahara Mirage

Sahara Mirage was sewn on January 13th, make your dream come true day, from pieces of a real genie’s veil.

Sahara is a charming girl with a fear of the dark. She has a tendency to pop up where she’s least expected. Silky pink and purple make up her outfit, with a golden crown holding her hair. Her shoes are curled at the toe. She has a pet camel with a pink blanket on his back.

Sahara has a little sister named Pita Mirage. She wears the same silky puffed pants, but in a gold color, with a purple bolero. Her tiny pink hat matches her pet snake’s tiny silver hat. They live together in the desert.

Sahara’s first mini appeared in Series 2 with a fancy pillow, a crystal ball, a genie’s lamp, and her pet camel. Her Series 4 mini used the same accessories with different colors, and Sahara in a recolored dress worn originally by Pillow.

Series 10 Silly Funhouse Sahara Mirage is wearing a completely new outfit with a full skirt and an orange bolero. She has silly glasses that fit snugly into indents in the sides of her head. Her crystal ball is clear this time, and her camel is wearing a feather to match hers. She also comes with a cup overflowing with popcorn. Sahara comes in soft doll form as well, with the same soft pink over-skirt and golden tiara as her large doll.