Pillow Featherbed

Pillow Featherbed was sewn on January 3rd, Festival of Sleep Day, from pieces of a baby’s blankie.

Pillow is the best at sleeping, and she does it all the time. Napping, slumber parties, and good stories are her favorite things. She loves cookies and milk, especially as a bedtime snack!

Pillow comes in pink striped footie pajamas, a matching bow in her hair, and has a sleeping mask with “Do not disturb” written on the front. She’s often pictured on the Sew Cute Bed, since she loves sleep so much! Her pet sheep is white and fluffy, and catches lots of Zs with his owner Pillow.


Pillow has a little sister named Blanket Featherbed, who wears a sleeping bag outfit that matches her big sister, and comes with a little lamb and a bottle. Her pigtails are the same purple as Pillow’s hair.

Pillow made her first mini appearance as the #1 doll of series one. She came with her sheep pet, an alarm clock, milk, and a book of bedtime stories. Series 3 had recolored versions of the same accessories, with Pillow in a recolored version of Mitten’s dress.

As the resident sleepy girl of Lalaloopsy Land, it’s only natural that Pillow would come with the bed playset. Sometimes accompanied with a bonus Spot Splatter Splash, Pillow and her little sheep are ready to read some bedtime stories and go to bed.

Pillow also comes as a soft doll, wearing her original striped PJs and matching bow. Her sheep is with her, looking a little square, but cute and cuddly nevertheless .

In Adventure in Lalaloopsy Land: the Search for Pillow, the first Lalaloopsy movie, Pillow and her sheep go missing and it’s up to the other girls to find her before she misses Peanut’s surprise. The movie is very cute, and with no objectionable content, fit for all ages. Although several of the littles appear in the movie, Pillow’s younger sister Blanket is not one of them.