Peppy Pom Poms

Peppy_Pom_Poms Lalaloopsy-9278-42643-1-product

Peppy Pom Poms was sewn on September 9th, National School Spirit Day, from a cheerleader’s uniform. She is a Toys R Us exclusive. Peppy loves to cheer for her friends and she’s great at yelling really loud! Although she isn’t good at jumping, she is always an upbeat team player. Her pet is a shaggy dog.


Peppy first appeared in series 6 with her dog, pom poms, bullhorn, and team flag. Her pom poms are a lot like glittery cat toys.


Her second appearance came in series 8. Peppy’s PJs are polka dotted, liker her sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is soft. She also comes with her shaggy dog.