Pepper Pots ‘N’ Pans


Pepper Pots ‘N’ Pans was sewn on June 17th, eat your vegetables day, from a chef’s oven mitt.

Pepper_Pots_N_Pans Pepper_pots_n_pans_box

Pepper loves to cook, but hates doing dishes. Her specialties are carrot sandwiches and cheese soup. Pepper’s pet is a pink pig with a curly tail. He actually has four legs, instead of the usual two.

PepperPackage Pepper pots n pans

Pepper’s first mini appearance was in series 2. Her accessories included pot with a fitting lid, a ladle, and a bowl of her homemade soup, as well as her pet pig. Although her sleeves are still striped, her dress has lost the red colored gingham pattern for solid red.


In series 4, Pepper appeared twice. First in Pepper’s Midnight Snack, Pepper is wearing her PJs and even her pig has a sleep mask on. She comes with a large sandwich, a spoon, and an ice cream sundae. Her second appearance was in Pepper Cooks up Fun, with recolored accessories from her first appearance.