Peanut Big Top

Peanut Big Top was sewn on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, from bits of a brightly-colored clown costume.

Peanut is a circus girl who loves to have fun. She’s a prankster who loves performing for her friends, especially when they need cheering up! She’s got striped tights and pink boots under her fluffy orange tutu. Her red gloves are finger-less. Her pet elephant loves to wear hats. Peanut always has a little star next to her left eye.

Peanut’s silly hair doll has the same striped tights as her original, with a fluttery orange dress and pink shoes. Her pigtails can be decorated with any of her hair accessories, and her pet elephant can wear them on it’s trunk! She’s even got a brush.

Peanut Big Top’s younger sister is named Squirt Lil Top. They love to perform together! Squirt is dressed in the same circus theme as her sister, with big puff balls and a neck ruffle on her two color clown costume. She even has a little hat with a flower in it!

Peanut’s first mini was in the original series 1. She comes with a flag, popcorn, a ball, and her pet elephant. Her series 3 version has the same accessories in different colors, but wore a little jacket and gloves, like Misty Mysterious.

Series 5 Peanut wore a three tiered orange dress with her striped tights, and has red shoes with white socks. Her elephant is wearing a skirt, and she also comes with a balloon, a pedestal, and a hula hoop. It was revealed that the elephant is afraid of heights on the box for Peanut’s Spinning Ferris Wheel.

Peanut comes in a cute orange outfit with puff balls. Her elephant is wearing a clown nose and hat! Her accessories are a flag, popcorn, and a lollipop bouquet. The Ferris Wheel can hold three mini Lalaloopsy dolls.

Peanut Big Top also comes as a soft lalaloopsy doll! She and her elephant are ready to cuddle and play circus all day long.

Peanut and her sister Squirt make an appearance in The Lalaloopsy Movie: The Search for Pillow. Peanut’s Ferris Wheel also appears in the movie, with many more cups to ride on.

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