Patch Treasurechest

Patch Treasurechest was sewn on Spetember 19th, Talk Like a Pirate Day, from pirate’s clothes. He was the very first boy Lalaloopsy doll, although his body shape and clothes size are the same as the girls.

Patch is a hoarder who likes to collect shiny things. Although he loves to travel, he is terrible at reading maps. His pet parrot is green and always winking. Patch has a long sleeve shirt with a jolly roger on it and seperate corduroy shorts. His eye patch is removable.

Patch’s first mini was exclusively included with the Lalaloopsy Mini Treehouse. Although is skin appears dark in promotional images, it doesn’t seem that it was actually produced this way, and the final product has a skin tone closer to the large Lalaloopsy doll.

Patch came back in Series 5, this time in skeleton PJs. He’s ready for his treasure hunt with a map, telescope, treasure chest, and trusty pet parrot.

Patch also comes as a soft doll, along with his pet parrot.