Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff was sewn on December 21st, the First Day of Winter, from an Eskimo’s scarf.

Mittens loves winter, especially the snow! She loves to have snowball fights, build snowmen, and have hot chocolate by the fire afterwards! You can always count on Mittens for a cold treat on a hot day, too. Mittens wears a furry vest over her pink striped long sleeve shirt, and a blue polka dot tutu over white bloomers. She’s wearing matching pink striped socks under her white boots, and her polar bear accompanies her.

Mittens also has a silly hair version, with her blue pigtails as silly hair strands. Her pet polar bear has silly ears, so they can both use the hair accessories. There’s even a little brush. Mittens wears white overalls and blue tennis shoes with her traditional pink striped shirt and tights.


Mittens has a little sister, Bundles Snuggle Stuff. Bundles wears a polka dot blue colored tutu over her white snowsuit, and shares her sister’s love of cold treats! Her pet bear looks like a ball of yarn.

Mittens’ series 1 mini comes in a slightly different outfit than her large counterpart, having a white skirt instead of a blue one. She comes with a cup of cocoa, a stick with marshmallows on it, a snowman, and her pet polar bear. Her series 3 version contains the same accessories in different colors, with Mittens wearing PJs for a sleepover.


Mittens is ready for some winter fun in series 4, with a little wooden sled, a shovel, and an ice cream bar. Mittens is wearing a winter coat, and her polar bear is even wearing a scarf. Mittens is ready to skate like Swirly Figure Eight in series 10, with her hair in a hood like Scarlet Riding Hood. She comes with her polar bear, a bowl of food, a spoon, and a snow globe.

There is also a soft version of Mittens, with a furry vest and a translucent blue tutu, like the original. Her polar bear is with her, looking a little bit rectangular.

Mittens and her little sister, Bundles, appear in the Lalaloopsy Land Movie: the Search for Pillow. Their pets come with them in their search for their friend, skiing around Lalaloopsy land.