Misty Mysterious


Misty Mysterious was sewn on March 24th, Houdini’s Birthday, from a magician’s cape.

MistyMysterious 421552_misty-1

Misty loves secrets and surprises! Like a real magician, she’s always waiting with a trick up her sleeve. She has a heart tattoo by her eye and her pet is a rabbit.

Tricky Mysterious

Tricky Mysterious is Misty’s little sister and assistant. She loves to wave her magic wand to her own made up spells, and tends to vanish. Tricky’s outfit is based on her sisters, and her heart buttons match Misty’s tattoo. Tricky’s pet is a carrot with bunny ears.

MistyPackage MistyPackage

Series 2 has the original Mini Mysterious outfit, but with gloves added. She has a magic wand, playing cards, and a cube with a crank on it. Her second edition in series 4 was a recolored version of Jewel Sparkles outfit, with recolors of her series 2 accessories.


Misty’s third mini appearance was with the Silly Funhouse Park. She has rabbit slippers and a hood with bunny ears. Her gloves and bow tie are back, along with a tophat. This version of Misty is only available as part of the Silly Funhouse.


Soft Misty Mysterious looks just like the original large doll, with grey pinstripes and pink polka dots. Her pet rabbit is covered in grey polka dots, too.