Marina Anchors


Marina Anchors was sewn on June 8th, World Ocean Day, from a sailor’s uniform.


Marina is a neat girl who likes to keep everything ship-shape. Although she adores the ocean, she actually can’t swim. Marina’s pet is a whale who wears a sailor’s hat.

Marina Anchors silly hair


Silly Hair Marina Anchors has traded her braid pigtails for silly hair pigtails. Even her pet whale has silly hair fins on both sides.


Matey Anchors is Marina’s younger brother (and the only boy Little so far). Unlike his sister, Matey loves doing the dog paddle and sailing paper boats. His outfit has the same nautical theme as his older sisters, with a sailor’s hat an ascot.


Marina Anchors first appeared in minis series 2 in her original outfit, with a telescope, life preserver, paper boat, and her pet whale. She has two appearances in series 4. Marina’s Beach Day had a beach ball, shovel, and pail. Her pet whale is wearing a red fishing cap for their day at the beach.


Marina’s second appearance in series 4 was in a repaint of Pepper Pots N Pans. She comes with recolors of the series 2 accessories. Series 10 featured a new outfit for Marina, with a fishing pole, snow cone, duck, and her pet whale wearing a captain’s cap.


Marina Anchor’s Bubble Fun is a bathroom furniture playset. The tub has a real fabric curtain and a piece that will support items across the bath. It also includes a sink, brush, bottle, and a paper boat. Marina’s whale is not wearing a hat for once, instead opting to sit on a flotation device.


Marina’s Soft Doll version is wearing her original outfit. Her pet whale is wearing his first hat.