Lady Stillwaiting


Lady Stillwaiting was sewn on February 26th, Tell a Fairytale Day,¬†from a fair maiden’s dress. She is only available as a large doll as a duo with Sir Battlescarred.

lady stillwaiting Sir_battlescarred_lady_stillwaiting_box

Lady Stillwaiting is a romantic girl with a pet unicorn. She loves to read poetry, sing, and wave from the balcony (even if it’s just practice).

LadyPackage LadyPackage

Lady’s orginal mini appeared in series 3 with her pet unicorn, a feathered quill, parchment for writing poems, and an embroidery project. Series 5 Lady Stillwaiting has all the same accessories in different colors, as well as a recolored version of Crumbs Sugar Cookie’s dress.