Jewel Sparkles

Jewel Sparkles was sewn on March 13th, Jewel Day, from the pieces of a real princess dress.

Like a true princess, Jewel Sparkles loves to dress up in glittery outfits and dance. She’s very graceful, although she can be a bit bossy. Her pink tiara matches her dress, which has green trim. Her pet cat is a Persian.

Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles wears a different pink dress with a row of ruffles down the front and no green at all. She does have some green bows and buttons for her silly hair, or her kitty’s silly tail.

Jewel has a little sister named Trinket Sparkles. She shares her interest with her sister, including frilly dresses, shiny gems, and being the center of attention. Her pet kitten is always by her side. She takes after her sister in fashion as well, with her dress being made out of the same color cloth as her sister.

Jewel Sparkles made her first appearance as one of the original 8 Series 1 minis, and includes a mirror, brush, perfume, and her pet cat. In Series 5, Jewel returned with Jewel’s Bubble Bath, and included a towel, a bottle, a duck, and her pet cat, with it’s own shower cap. This version of Jewel also appeared in a three pack with Sir Battlescarred and Lady Stillwaiting.

Jewel’s Primpin’ Party is one of the furniture sets meant to fit in the Lalaloopsy dollhouse. Her brush, mirror, and perfume all return in different pink colors, as well as a heart shaped bottle, a vanity, a lamp, and an ottoman with removable lid. Her pet kitty has bows and a pearl collar. Jewel’s dress is even more ruffled, and her tiara is gold.


Silly Funhouse Jewel Sparkles from Series 10 is wearing a kitty costume, complete with tutu, tiara, and bell collar. She has a heart shaped balloon, a caramel apple, and three lollipops. Even her pet cat is holding a lollipop in his tail. Soft Jewel Sparkles has an outfit just like the large doll, although her cat’s tail is quite flat.

Jewel Sparkles is one of the main characters in The Search for Pillow, the Lalaloopsy movie. Her sister was unfortunately not around for it, as her toy hadn’t been produced yet.