Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Crumbs Sugar Cookie was sewn on December 4th, National Cookie Day, from a baker’s apron.

She’s an excellent baker, always inviting her friends over for cookies and tea. Her super sweet personality and excellent manners compliment each other perfectly. She wears tall pink boots, with a yellow gingham and pink polka dot dress. Her hair bow is black.

Crumbs is always baking; sometimes her pet mouse helps too! She loves¬†Chamomile tea with her sweets, and it’s only natural that she comes with variation of the Lalaloopsy oven in Crumb’s Cookie Party.

There is also a silly hair Crumbs Sugar cookie. She’s wearing cute yellow overalls and has plenty of hair accessories to play with, even a brush! Her pet mouse also has a bendy, silly tail.

Crumbs little sister is named Sprinkle Spice Cookie. Her bib and dress are the same colors as her sister’s clothes, and Sprinkle has little yellow booties, bloomers, and a bottle. Her pet mouse looks like a cookie, and it seems that Sprinkle has taken a bite out of its ear. She always wants to eat sweets, so Crumbs has to be stern with her sometimes.

Crumbs first mini appearance was as the #2 doll of series 1, with heart shaped cookies, a bowl of batter, a wooden spoon, and her pet mouse. She returned in a recolored version of Dot Starlight’s dress in series 5, this time with a tray of croissants, a teapot, and one teacup. Her new mouse has a zig zag tail and cookie shaped ears.

Crumb’s second edition was a Tea Party play set, occasionally accompanied by a bonus Jewel Sparkle. There’s a table, a teapot, a cookie jar, two cookie shaped chairs, two teacups, and two saucers. Her pet mouse is making a heart with her tail.

Crumbs is always happy to attend a sleepover with her friends! Her PJs are yellow, and her sleeping bag is decorated with pink polka dots, yellow ric rac, and cookie hearts. Her pet mouse comes too.

The soft version of Crumbs Sugar Cookie has the same pink and yellow outfit as the original. Her mouse’s tail is a little flat, but they’re both super soft and¬†cuddle-able!

In the all ages Adventure in Lalaloopsy Land movie, The Search for Pillow, Crumbs and her little sister Sprinkle try to help find Pillow Featherbed before she misses Peanut’s big surprise.