Blossom Flowerpot

Blossom Flowerpot was sewn on April 22nd, Earth Day, from a pair of gardener’s gloves.

Blossom is a patient and caring girl who is always cheerful. She loves to dig around in the dirt outside with her pet butterfly. Her hair and dress have flowers, and her orange and white striped leggings are painted on.

Blossom first appeared in Series 2 with a potted flower, a small shovel, a watering can, and her pet butterfly, with pink wings. In Series 6, blossom is dressed up in a bee costume. She comes with a potted flower tied with a ribbon, a pot of honey with dipper, and her pet butterfly, with orange wings.

Blossom Flowerpot was included with the Lalaloopsy Mini Sew Sweet House. She is finally given some gardening gloves of her own, and a tool apron. Her pet butterfly has flowers instead of antennae.

Blossom comes in a two pack with Charlotte Charades, her accordion and her invisible pet (leash). The Silly Funhouse Blossom Flowerpot is dressed up as a butterfly, with detachable wings. She also has a butterfly balloon animal, and her pet has a bow and pretzel wings.

There is also a soft Blossom Flowerpot, with a simpler version of the large doll’s outfit.