Berry Jars ‘N’ Jam

Berry Jars ‘N’ Jam was sewn on October 12th, Old Farmers Day, from a farmer’s shirt and overalls. She’s a hard worker who makes the tallest stacks of buttermilk pancakes in Lalaloopsyland. She’s a bit nosy. Her pet is a cow.

Berry is sold alone or with her twin sister, Sunny Side Up. They are the only Lalaloopsy twins, although they look very different. Berry wears a tiered gingham dress and pink mary janes. Her hair ribbons are the same color as her sister’s hair, and Sunny’s ribbon is the same color as Berry’s hair.

Series 2 was the first appearance of mini Berry. She has a basket full of fruit, a stack of pancakes, a jar of jam, and her pet cow with pink spots. The Series 6 accessories were all blueberry recolors of the same items, with Berry in a recolored version of Bea’s dress.

Berry’s Kitchen comes with everything you need to whip up a delicious breakfast! She has a stack of pancakes, a jar of jam, and a egg frying in a pan. The spatula is heart shaped and comes with a matching whisk. The stove has a moving oven door, an hot pads on the side. The sink has a fake cupboard front and a towel on the side. There is also a small table or stool shaped like a button on a spool of thread.