Target Valentines Exclusive: Valentina Hugs ‘n’ Kisses

Valentina Hugs n Kisses

The next Target Exclusive, already available for sale on eBay, is Valentina Hugs ‘n’ Kisses. Click on the image to see this specific Valentina for sale on eBay.

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New Lalaloopsy Minis and Lalaloopsy Girls Styling Kits on Amazon

Jewel Lalaloopsy Girls Styling Head

The Lalaloopsy Girls are really re-inventing what Lalaloopsy can be. Two of the Lalaloopsy Girls are already available as styling heads! Click on any image to see it on and thanks to Paul McCartney for finding the minis.

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Handmade Lalaloopsy Dollhouses from Pinterest & Elsewhere

Jeanne's Handmade Lalaloopsy Dollhouse

During my hiatus, frequent commenter Jeanne send me an email of the Lalaloopsy shadowboxes she and a girlfriend made one weekend. Using the packaging backgrounds that come with the dolls, she made beautiful little scenes using her Lalaloopsy minis, micros, and accessories. I was very inspired by her hard work! Let’s see what other people have handmade for their own Lalaloopsy minis!

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