Target Valentines Exclusive: Valentina Hugs ‘n’ Kisses

Valentina Hugs n Kisses

The next Target Exclusive, already available for sale on eBay, is Valentina Hugs ‘n’ Kisses. Click on the image to see this specific Valentina for sale on eBay.

Valentina comes with her pet mouse (the same mouse as Fancy Frost ‘N’ Glaze) and a tray of heart shaped cookies. I’m assuming her cake shaped dress is a rehash of the Candle Slice’o’Cake mini, but in Valentine’s day colors. I like her bright red curly hair. Let’s hope this mini actually makes it to Target stores! Mine never had the winter exclusive, and I hear many other areas missed out, as well.

17 thoughts on “Target Valentines Exclusive: Valentina Hugs ‘n’ Kisses

  1. Omg she is sooo adorable!!! The target near me (in Aus) hardly ever gets the holiday exclusives, I’ll be bummed if i can’t get her!

  2. I LOVE the Target exclusives! And Valentina certainly looks Valentinesy!!! I already started looking for her at my local Target with no luck. I was able to finally get Noelle Northpole….. at 70% off!!! I couldn’t believe it! She must’ve arrived just after Christmas because I had been checking regularly! So, yes, lets all hope Valentina arrives in ValenTIME!!!! :-)

  3. I am guessing most of you have found Valentina at your local Target. I was a little disappointed that she was $7 where, in the past the Target exclusives were $5! But, she sure is pretty!
    Happy Hearts Season to all! <3

    • Just got her tonight! I was surprised…they still had quite a few left. Thought I might have waited too long. I was disappointed that they raised the price also…but glad to add a new holiday mini to my collection!

  4. I have a question…..I just was looking on “” and I noticed new lalaloopsy minis who are:
    Goldie Luxe, Pearly Seafoam, Star Magic Spells, and Fuzzy Grrs A Lot. There were also new lalaloopsy pet pals. And here they are:
    Toothy Yawns A Lot, Carrots Long Ears, Pandy Chomps A Lot, and Leafy Cuddle N Shy.
    Can you please put these on
    Thanks in advance.
    Sunny Side Up

    • I just found Bouncer Fluffy Tail, Targets Exclusive for Easter/Spring and am thrilled!! I’m also happy to say that she’s back to the $4.99 price, versus the $6.99 price of Valentina! Spring is just around the corner! At least that’s what I tell myself when it’s 8 degrees out! :)

      • Congrats on the find! Glad to hear it is back to 4.99. Maybe I will get one for me and one for my daughter then. I think Winter is making its final stand. We just got our first snow of the season today! Hoping the roads are clear enough tomorrow to go to Target and find Bouncer!! I also hope Jessica makes a new post soon : /

        • your first snow of the season? We’ve been buried in it… with temps only in the single digits! That’s why finding Bouncer was a wonderful taste of SPRING! Keeping fingers n’ toes crossed you can get out & find two Bouncers! I too hope Jessica makes a new post! I miss them… and HER!

          • Lol. I live in the south so we usually only get one or two snows a year…sometimes none! I’m going to go either Saturday or Sunday to find her.

            Me too! Fingers crossed for the Lalaloopsy Dollhouse to make a comeback.

  5. I just read on Bratzheaven that Lalaloopsy dolls are coming to Build a Bear in August!! It says it will be the original 8. I am very excited to see what they will look like : )

  6. You’re site has the best thorough listing and photos of the minis. Hope you will update the series listing soon adding 11 – 13?.. I think that’s where they are up to. Trying to keep track…lol.

  7. Okay, I think Jessica died. She hasn’t posed for 4 months umm
    I hope she isn’t dead and is fine just kinda forgot.

  8. maybe 15 20 years from now they will come up with a Lalaloopsy doll based on Merida & maybe call her Moira Highlands! the same way they did with Snowy Fairest & Alice in Wonderland!

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