2015 Lalaloopsy Littles! Meet Posy Golden Petals and more!

Dream E Wishes

The 2015 Lalaloopsy Littles are incoming! Breeze E. Sky, Dream E. Wishes, Streamers Carnivale, Posy Golden Petals and more join their older sisters in Lalaloopsyland! All images are courtesy of the Lalaloopsy Wiki.


Dream E. Wishes is the younger sister of Smile E. Wishes (I wonder if they have the same middle name?). She’s a very organized girl who loves to collect things, especially buttons. Dream E has a hairstyle similar to her older sister and even her own wings. Her pet bear…pillow?.. joins her.

Streamers Carnivale

Streamers Carnivale is the younger sister of Confetti Carnivale. She’s a girly girl with a pet yarn cat who loves to play dress up and pretend she is dancing at the ball. I personally like her outfit a little better than what her older sister is wearing, but the elf shoes still make me cringe a little.


Breeze E. Sky is the little sister of Cloud and possibly Storm E. Sky. She’s the easygoing little angel with a pet cloud and the same aesthetic as her older sister, Cloud E. Sky. I really love the little winged sandals that she’s wearing, she’s a perfect little Hermes (the tricky Greek messenger god). It looks like she has wings on her little dress, too.

2015 Lalaloopsy Littles Posy Golden Petals

Posy Golden Petals is the younger sister of Mari Golden Petals. I have to say, I’m really impressed with how many new hairstyles, pets, and shoes these Littles have! I love it when MGA decides not to recycle the old molds too much. Posy is wearing twin green ribbons in her flower hair, just like Mari, with a dress that looks straight out of the garden. Her pet…orange sprout?.. accompanies her.

2015 Lalaloopsy Littles Wishes Slice O'Cake

Besides the regular Littles, there are also new Littles in candy themed packaging. Wishes Slice o’Cake is the younger sister of Candle Slice o’Cake. Like her older sister, her sewn on date is “your birthday” and her pet is a cupcake; in this case, a pig instead of a poodle.

Giggly Fruit Drops

Giggly Fruit Drops is clearly the younger sister of Sugar Fruit Drops, which is sort of strange since Sugar isn’t a full sized Lalaloopsy yet. Perhaps we can expect her soon? I love Giggly. Her shoes, her gumdrop crown and her pet gumdrop bear are all sew sweet!

Mallow Sweet Stuff

Mallow Sweet Fluff is the younger sister of Toasty Sweet Fluff. She has a marshmallow bunny and three color marshmallow hair with a huge pink bow. Thankfully, her adorable little coat is removable, so you can change her clothing (unlike the full sized Toasty Sweet Fluff, who, admittedly, can still wear other dresses over her permanent s’mores look).

Whispy Sugar Puff

Whispy Sugar Puff is the first Lalaloopsy Little…with no sibling! I don’t think anyone has seen the back of her packaging yet, so I suppose it’s possible that she has a sibling. Maybe Pumpkin Candle Light? She’s got pink and blue cotton candy hair. and has a cotton candy sheep as a pet.

Again, very impressed with the variety and I have to applaud the decision to minimize the packaging. I haven’t seen any of the newly packaged Littles particularly more damaged than the old ones were in their plastic prisons; they must be doing a good job packaging them for shipping (plus, this is way easier to open). Out of the 2015 Lalaloopsy Littles we’ve seen so far, I personally plan to pick up Breeze E. Sky at least, and probably Posy Golden Petals and Giggly Fruit Drops if they look cute in person. What do you guys think?

21 thoughts on “2015 Lalaloopsy Littles! Meet Posy Golden Petals and more!

  1. I think they have done a good job also. Mallow is my absolute favorite though! I love the long braids. I don’t normally get littles but will be keeping an eye out for her.

  2. I loooove all of these especially breeze.e sky and posy golden petals and personally I never really liked smile. E wishes hairstyle but I love it on dream.e !
    also whispy sugar puff could be sweetie candy ribbon or minty stripes sister? Have you seen big loopsy charms seven carat yet? Or the sweetie, candle, queenie and I.C mini dolls?

  3. Oh I LOVE Dream E! I can relate to her ALOT as I’m a collector of Lala’s and BUTTONS! Cute little story! I LOVE all four of these most recent releases! And I too applaud MGA for their creativity and not re-using some of their molds. Also agree about the open packaging. I haven’t seen any damage and its TONS easier to get them out of this open package!! WHEW!
    Great posting Jessica! Thank you!

  4. Has anyone seen these?? Looks like a re release of Peppy Pom Poms that has different hair and outfit which is cool. I wish they would have done that with all the re releases so you can tell the difference. That way the ones that came out originally will be special. And also a butterfly girl.


    Credit to Bratzheaven. If you check their facebook page they also have pics of the target Valentines exclusive.

    • Hey, thanks Tricia! I agree with your wish that they would tweak their re-releases a little bit from the original…. like they did with Peppy!
      Happy New year! May it be a Lalaloopsy one!!!

  5. Wow! Thats cool! I always liked Smile E. So maybe I will get dream e.( I never got smile) also, I remember I made a picture of a sister for cloud e, and her name was cotton cloudy because she likes cotton candy. And now, they are making a sister for cloud e, and one for cotton candy(wispy)! I think they might make a big sister for wispy later on.

  6. Hello All! Has anyone seen any of the new Littles out yet? I’ve seen (and have) Bow, Beauty, Cape & Ribbon but no Dream, Posy, Breeze or Streamers! :-( Sigh. But, have y’all seen the newest Tinies??? Series 3 includes the babies which are adorable in that tiny size! Hope you all are having a Lala lovely day!

  7. I have posy golden petals and I must say she is adorable in person! I plan to get breeze e sky for my little sister (she loves dolls with blue eyes and will be thrilled to find they have a blue eyed lalaloopsy) and i really want dream e wishes for myself :)

  8. Hello and thank you thank you thank you for this site and break down. My adopted daughter received a Lalaloopsy doll from her bio mom when she was 1, she never played with it till now. She has been watching the show a bit and has grown into a big fan. Her 3rd birthday is around the corner and I have begun making her a doll house for these lovelies. I purchased a new one this morning and decided I needed some education on these dolls. You have helped me understand them and their purpose now I can craft our mansion away! I’ve searched for hours and you nailed it so perfectly!

  9. Hi y’all! :) there is this one doll; Allegra Leaps N’ Bounds that i absolutely NEED. She has an amazing hair do, an awesome dress, and a cute pet squirrel… but it’s not really unique once you already made like it (she’s a ballerina and so Tippy) :l but thats my only complaint.

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