Target Holiday Exclusives: Boo Scaredy Cat and Noelle Northpole

Boo Scaredy Cat

The latest Target exclusive is still on sale now, but not for long! Grab Boo Scaredy Cat while you can and check out the next Target exclusive mini for the holidays!

Boo Scaredy Cat, released for Halloween, was sewn on August 17th from a cat costume. She comes with her own pet cat, a cat themed masquerade mask, and a basket of yarn. Boo lives up to her name because she loves to scare people by hiding in the shadows and then jumping out and yelling “BOO” when they walk by (or “MEOW” if it’s her cat!). She tries to scare her cat, but it doesn’t usually work.

If you ask me, Boo looks an awful lot like Jewel and her Cat dressed up for Halloween (not that it stopped me from buying her).

Noelle Northpole

Noelle Northpole is the next holiday season Target exclusive, and was sewn on December 12th from a winter suit.  Noelle is the feminine version of Noel, which is the french word for Christmas. Her jolly laugh is infectious, and sometimes it’s so loud, she shakes the snow right off the trees! Noelle comes with her pet snow owl, a Christmas stocking full of candy, and a strangely lumpy wrapped gift.

I can’t help but adore her little Santa hat! I hope her dress is fuzzy like Toasty Sweet Fluff’s was. I can’t wait to see!

15 thoughts on “Target Holiday Exclusives: Boo Scaredy Cat and Noelle Northpole

  1. My mom got me Boo for my bday. She is cute. My mom works at Target so I get her to scout out all the holiday exclusives for me. Noelle is super cute. I will have to put her on my Christmas list!!

  2. We got Boo too! I’m already on the lookout for Noelle since all the stores are already putting up their Christmas stuff. It shouldn’t be too much longer! Well hopefully :)

  3. Live in central NJ and going crazy trying to find the 2014 Target mini Lalaloopsy Noelle Northpole. All of the holiday stuff is out in the seasonal department except poor little Noelle. Maybe she is still in the Northpole. Does anyone know anything about the release date?

    • Oh Rose I too would like to know! I’ve been checking at my area Targets and they don’t even have an empty bin for her! Plus they say everything Christmas they have is out! Perhaps she’s waiting ’til after Thanksgiving to arrive?

      • Someone on ebay had some listed as a pre-order but wanted like $20 per doll, plus shipping. I think that is a bit much. I will continue to check in my area and keep you posted. Please do the same.

        • Yikes! $20 per! Yep, a bit much for me too! Tho’ I did pay double for the gem themed mini’s…. but $20 is quadruple the cost! I will definately let you know when (thinking positive) they arrive in lower Michigan!

          • I heard there was some kind of mishap with the shipping of the Christmas mini and that it would be arriving late……don’t know when though???? I haven’t seen her…….

          • Noooo….I didn’t make it to target : ( Things have been so hectic with Christmas right around the corner. I was so close but after we finished up the to do list my hubby and 2 year old were not in the mood for Target. LOL Oh well….maybe Santa will bring me one.

  4. Thank you for the info Tricia. That’s too bad that there may have been a mishap with the shipping. Will ho ho ho-pe she arrives in time for Christmas!

  5. I FINALLY found Noelle Northpole at my local Target AFTER Christmas…. but, at 70% off!!! I bought all 8 that were left!!! Merry after Christmas! Might paint one and make her look more winter than Christmas…… :-)

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