Lalaloopsy Sew Silly Chatters

Sew Silly Chatters

The new Lalaloopsy Sew Silly Chatters have been spotted all over eBay!

Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Peanut Big Top, Bea Spells-a-Lot, and Jewel Sparkles have new soft doll versions that talk! Like an old fashioned rag doll, they have pull strings on the back to make them say different phrases. The dolls are about 12 inches tall and require 3 1.5V batteries. 

Silly Chatters back

The back packaging, giving you a view of the pull string, which you can use in-box. Since they can be used in store, you might need to replace the batteries fairly soon after purchase.


For comparison, here’s a picture of the old style of soft doll; they did not talk and came with a soft pet. They were very flat and had plastic button eyes. They weren’t very exciting and didn’t sell very well, so they eventually stopped making them. I guess we’ll see how the new Lalaloopsy Sew Silly Chatters do in comparison soon!

52 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Sew Silly Chatters

      • They don’t ALL need boyfriends, but some friends who are boys would be great. I’d be super happy if they did a Cinder Slippers and Prince Handsome 2 pack, because they’re an established couple; plus, they owe us a colored Cinder Slippers after what they did last time.

  1. Wikipedia has Skullbone Treasurechest and Swashler Seven Seas listed under littles! There’s also talk of a little for Dot!

    • A little brother for Patch!! Now that has my attention. Can’t wait to see pics. I am going to be so mad if it is a little sister!!!

      And about the silly chatters…I highly doubt they are going to sell any better than the original soft dolls. They don’t look much different to me.

    • I hope not! This is such a wonderful happy site! I just hope Jessica is okay! But, in the meanwhile, have you adopted any Lala’s lately? I am on the prowl for the Target exclusive Boo Scaredy Cat! And would be a thrill to find the gem themed mini’s!

    • Lucky you Cupcake83! I haven’t seen Berry Jars n’ Jam in the stores in some time but ya just never know! Tis the season of Miracles! :-)

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