Four new Lalaloopsy dolls, including Queenie Red Heart!

Queenie Red Heart

Four new Lalaloopsy dolls have been spotted by Lalaloopsy Boulevard! Plus, two more Lalaloopsy Girls on the way.

Queenie Red Heart (above) was made from a pack of cards on on September 28th. She’s a bit of a hot head and has a pink flamingo for a pet. I just love her theme, she’s a cute Queen of Hearts with hearts all over her outfit. She has heart buttons, a heart tiara on top of her heart shaped hair, hearts on her shoes, hearts on and cut out of her clothes, and even heart shaped cheeks. Her pet flamingo has heart cheeks, too!

Furry Grrs-a-Lot

Fuzzy Grrrs-A-Lot was unfortunately posted with her tag backwards, so I don’t know her sewn on date or personality. She’s clearly monster themed, with a cyclops pet and a monster face hood with her furry outfit.

Sweet Candy Ribbon

Sweet Candy Ribbon was made on March 23rd from pieces of taffy. Her personality is “stretched a little thin”. I love the unique hairstyles and themes they’ve been giving the latest Lalaloopsy dolls, Sweet Candy Ribbon has her own brand new hairstyle and pet taffy dog. Her dress is adorable and super sweet; even her cheeks are swirled like a lollipop. Out of these four new dolls, Sweet Candy Ribbon is a close tie for my favorite next to Queenie Red Heart.

Toasty Sweet Fluff

Toasty Sweet Fluff has a totally different look from her mini! Her dress (which looks like it’s permanently part of her) now has a s’mores theme with a graham cracker and chocolate top. Her hair is now up, and although she still has the same bow with marshmallows on sticks as her hair accessory, she also has a yellow and white headband.


I’m not sure how I feel about this doll. I think a more direct translation would have been boring compared to the other new dolls. Making her dress a permanent part of her is a mistake, in my opinion. I think not being able to change clothing is part of what made the original soft dolls and recently defunct Workshop dolls so unappealing.

Coming Soon Tippy

Besides the new regular Lalaloopsy dolls, we’re also getting some more Lalaloopsy Girls! Tippy Tumblelina is joining the lineup soon, along with Suzette La Sweet.

Lalaloopsy Boulevard Tippy

Looks like Tippy will come with two differently colored versions of the same ballet outfit? That’s kind of boring. Click on the image to see the Facebook post from Lalaloopsy Boulevard.

Coming Soon Suzette

Suzette La Sweet has this small preview image on the Lalaloopsy Girls website, and the doll has already been spotted by Bratz Heaven!

Bratz Heaven Suzette

Click the image to see the instagram post from BratzHeaven. Suzette has paired an extremely lacy pink gingham dress with a casual half sleeved jean jacket for a more casual school look. Her PJs have a lot of frills as well, with a picture of a pearl necklace on the front of the shirt and a ribbon pattern all over the pants. I wish they’d done something new with her shoes instead of just giving her a pink version of Crumbs Sugar Cookie’s shoes, but they’re okay. I was just really hoping that they were going the extra mile with the Lalaloopsy Girls series and were going to do something new and unique for every girl, but I guess Cloud E. Sky had repeat shoes as well, so that idea is out the window.

22 thoughts on “Four new Lalaloopsy dolls, including Queenie Red Heart!

  1. Wow!! So much new stuff! My favorite is definitely Fuzzy. She is adorable. I love her fur boots. I am also disappointed with Toasty. I was expecting her to look like a big fluffy marshmallow and she doesn’t at all. I feel like they could have made her dress really cute if they had taken the time. Don’t like her hair change either. The other 2 are ok…but they don’t interest me all that much.

  2. Teddy honey was my least favorite because of the hair. But on Fuzzy it is fantastic! But it would be cute if it was a removable hat instead of molded.

  3. Her name was released as Sweetie Candy Ribbon not Sweet Candy Ribbon :) and she is sew cute! I love her tutu and I really want her!

  4. Its so strange, in the UK amazon allways has the new dolls before they come out!
    all of theese are on amazon and the new littles are too 😕

  5. Thought I would mention that I saw all 4 of the new big lala’s at Walmart yesterday. Toasty, Fuzzy….and the other 2. And they were on sale for 17 dollars! It hurt my heart not to get one for such a good price but I didn’t have the money to spend.

    This site has been a ghost town lately……. : (

    • Oh, that must’ve been tough not getting them! Even at a good price! I understand! “Ghost town”….LOL,Good one… seasonal humor! I REALLY miss Jessica’s updates. I LOVE this site and remain hopeful!

  6. OMG Suzette la sweet i have been looking for her for months for my daughter because she has the big version of her so now i want to find the girls version.Where can you find her.

  7. I just got a new lalaloopsy full size doll today! It was Sunny Side Up……:) sew happy!
    Just so you know, if you watch a lot of youtube and the channel on there called “all about meep” then you might think this comment is NUNYABUISNESS!
    *Nunya (Bundle Snuggle Stuff) haha

  8. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! there are, like, 5 new full sized lalaloopsys plus the stretchy hair!!! Check them out on google; Allegra Leap N’ Bounds, Bluebell Dewdrop, Charms Seven Carat, Mona Arch Wing, and Peppy Pom Poms. The stretchy hair is Whirly Stretchy Locks. 😉

  9. I have a mini Queenie Red Heart doll & I`m 32 , but if Sunny & Berry are twins how could they have different last names? it doesn`t make any senese! and im also trying to get mittens little sister Bundles, do u know where I can find her?

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