New Lalaloopsy Minis and Lalaloopsy Girls Styling Kits on Amazon

Jewel Lalaloopsy Girls Styling Head

The Lalaloopsy Girls are really re-inventing what Lalaloopsy can be. Two of the Lalaloopsy Girls are already available as styling heads! Click on any image to see it on and thanks to Paul McCartney for finding the minis.

Peanut Lalaloopsy Girls Styling Head

Jewel Sparkles and Peanut Big Top Lalaloopsy Girls styling heads will each come with their own curler, comb, and four barrettes. Their hair has the same color changing properties as the dolls. Not sure why they gave Jewel a bow instead of a Tiara.

Personally, even as a child, I was never very fond of the “style this bust” type toys. If I’m going to play with doll hair, there better be an entire doll attached. I’m sure there are plenty of budding stylist kids out there who will be excited by this toy, though. This is another strong step into the style and fashion category, aimed at slightly older girls.

Dazzle 'N' Gleam

There are four new minis on the way! These jewel themed minis remind me of the late 90’s Polly Pockets, which ran a similar style of jewel themed girls in their collection of tiny (under one inch tall) dolls. This red ruby mini is Dazzle ‘N’ Gleam. She has a pet swan, a heart shaped purse, and a pair of earrings that are removable. Out of the four, I think she’s my favorite.

Charms Seven Carat

Charms Seven Carat looks like an amethyst, with her pet butterfly, a mirror, a tear drop shaped purse, and a pair of earrings all in purple.

Bijou Treasure Trove

Bijou Treasure Trove shines in deep blue, like a sapphire. Her pet poodle is with her, and she also has a book about gems, a diamond shaped purse, and a pair of earrings. Fancy Frost ‘N’ Glaze’s dress looks great in blue and gold.

Clarity Glitter Gazer

Finally, Clarity Glitter Gazer seems to be a mix of emerald and peridot green. She has a pet unicorn, a crystal ball, an emerald shaped purse, and a pair of earrings. I think the little symbols on her shoes are supposed to be fleur de lis? Maybe. I really like these jewel girls!

11 thoughts on “New Lalaloopsy Minis and Lalaloopsy Girls Styling Kits on Amazon

  1. The bust-style dolls always creeped me out a little, like they were one step away from decapitation, haha. I love those new minis though! Do you know when they’re going on sale? I’ve got to have all four.

  2. Cool I want them sll, but favorite had to be bijou, though I love charms color scheme( purple was always my favorite color. ) I think those green things on claritys shoes are four leafed clovers. Btw, I also feel the same way about those headed hairstyle doll tthings. They kinda creep me out XD . Love the details in the new minis too( should hsve said that earlier lol) sorry if I have bad spelling my tablet has letters that are so small.

  3. I’ve been on the lookout for this series but haven’t spotted a sparkle, glitter nor dazzle from these treasures! Anyone else come across them any where yet????

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