The Lalaloopsy Tinies Game

Lalaloopsy Tinies Game

There’s a new Lalaloopsy Tinies Game on and iTunes! A simple minigame with a lot of features, it’s absolutely cute and sew much fun!

Lalaloopsy Tinies Game3

In the Lalaloopsy Tinies game, lots of tinies will crowd the screen, milling in and out in a disorderly fashion. You earn points by finding as many Lalaloopsy Tinies as you can in one minute. You can earn bonus time by finding the requested Lalaloopsy Tiny quickly. I’m fairly certain the clock was stopped while they displayed which Lalaloopsy Tiny you were supposed to find next, which made them easier to spot quickly if they were already on the screen.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Game2

After you earn certain amounts of points, new events will happen in the game. At the 5000 point mark, the Lalaloopsy Tinies lined up at the bottom of the screen and Bea’s school bus came to pick some of them up. After that, the Lalaloopsy Tinies requests got more specific. Instead of just finding Jewel Sparkles, you might have to find Jewel specifically in a long dress, with other types of incorrect Jewels walking around to confuse you.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Game4

After I earned 20,000 points, the background changed and Lalaloopsy Tinies started to float by on chunks of ice in the arctic. I made it to 20,294 points before Times Up! was called.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Game5

After each game, the Lalaloopsy Tinies that you collected will go into your game collection record, where you can view each Tiny, their name, their number, and when you acquired them. Your iPhone, iPad, or computer will remember your collection (you probably need cookies enabled for the computer version to work).

I didn’t play for long, but I like the Lalaloopsy Tinies game and I think younger Lalaloopsy obsessed children would absolutely love it. For something so cute and simple, there are a lot of features included. Remembering your collection of Tinies and changing the scene as you earn more points are both great additions to the game.

12 thoughts on “The Lalaloopsy Tinies Game

  1. I went to go play this game after reading this post, and I think the backgrounds are randomized and not by how many points you have. I think my final score before time ran out was a little over 86 thousand…I might be addicted. The backgrounds I saw were the ones you mentioned and an additional desert background that pita mirage comes out on a flying carpet in the beginning.

  2. Sooo…I know this is off topic but I was considering selling a few of my older Lala’s on Ebay and I was shocked when I checked the prices. No one is bidding on anything. You can get a complete Lala for like 9 or 10 dollars where it used to be like 20 or more. I haven’t checked the prices in a while but I was shocked to see this. What do you guys think?? You think people are losing interest completely.. or maybe just in the older original dolls because of the newer stuff coming out???

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