Another Color Me Lalaloopsy and the Lalaloopsy Babies Movie

Trace E

Trace E. Doodles will join Squiggles N. Shapes as a Color Me Lalaloopsy! Plus, the Lalaloopsy Babies movie is coming to DVD soon.

Trace E Doodles

Trace E. Doodles is an almost entirely black colored doll, with a little bit of greyish white outlining her eyes, mouth, and cheeks. Her dress is all black with a white ribbon belt and ruffle on the end of the skirt, the opposite of Squiggles’ dress. Her boots and pet are also all black. You can color all you want on Trace E., her dress, and her pet with the four included markers and two stamps; then, wash her off with the heart shaped sponge and do it again! I like the way the neon colors really stick out on this doll. It doesn’t help that Squiggles has that weird sunburst hairstyle.

Lalaloopsy Babies Movie

The Lalaloopsy Babies Movie, titled Lalaloopsy Babies: First Steps aired on Nick Jr recently and a DVD is also in the works. Has anyone seen it? I haven’t, but apparently it’s the story of how the Lalaloopsy dolls all met as babies and found their perfect pet pals.  It looks like nearly all of the babies spotted so far are in the movie. Their pets are also babies instead of the bottles that the dolls come with, how adorable!

Lalaloopsy Babies Movie

7 thoughts on “Another Color Me Lalaloopsy and the Lalaloopsy Babies Movie

  1. Oh wow!! Thanks for all the pics Paul. So much new stuff!! I especially like Fuzzy Grrs a Lot and Boo Scaredy Cat. I am wondering if Fuzzy is possibly going to be a Halloween large exclusive for Target since she is pictured with their mini exclusive. I would love that!! Toasty is not quite how I pictured she would look but still cute.

  2. Ummmm… have any of you wondered who was taking care of the babies? Don’t any of you find it weird that all of them pop out of nowhere?

    • Not really anymore weird than a bunch of under 10 year old kids living together in a magical land where they use ovens but never burn themselves, feel free to fall asleep anywhere, and each have a pet or even siblings that you never really see them taking care of.

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