Jewel Sparkles Lalaloopsy Girl Closeup

Jewel Sparkles Lalaloopsy Girl

I purchased my very own Jewel Sparkles Lalaloopsy Girl from! Let’s crack this box open and check out what’s different in the Lalaloopsy Girls line.


Just like the original, Jewel Sparkles was sewn on March 13th from a real princess’ dress. She loves to be in charge and help her friends with all their fashion emergencies. Jewel wants to be student body president at Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts, and the 1st draft of a speech is written on the back of the box. She is also extremely interested in tiaras.


It turns out my prediction was correct, Lalaloopsy Girls CAN stand all by themselves! It takes a little bit of balancing and fidgeting with her, but Jewel has been happily standing where I left her for hours now.


Compared to the original Jewel Sparkles, the Jewel Sparkles Lalaloopsy Girl is a few inches shorter, with a smaller, rounder head. When I compare their outfits, I’m honestly really glad MGA didn’t remake the original dress exactly and went with an inspired look instead, the Lalaloopsy Girl clothes are much cuter and feel a little nicer. The Lalaloopsy Girls’ clothing also photographs a lot better than the ultra shiny material they used for the original.


Little details that we’ve always found so charming on Lalaloopsy dolls are faithfully represented here; the Jewel Sparkles Lalaloopsy Girl still has her 03-13 heart stamp on her underwear.


Her shoes also bear the same L and R stamps on the bottom, which isn’t terribly necessary when you consider that the bows are only on the outer edge of each shoe.


Jewel has an adorable set of PJs to wear at sleepovers, although the little pants can be tricky to get over both of her feet, since the waistband has to be small enough to keep them on.


I really like this new Jewel Sparkles! I like her clothes better, I like her hair better, and I love the fact that she can stand. Although I thought the lips were weird at first, Jewel’s curious stare has sort of won me over. I’ll probably start collecting them!

43 thoughts on “Jewel Sparkles Lalaloopsy Girl Closeup

  1. Cool!!! I cant wait to get Mittens and Spot ( mabye also bea and the twin set of cloud e and storm e.) Thankd for the great review:) 😉 😀

  2. I contacted about the broken links for the Girls, I’m not sure how fast the links will be fixed but… the Girls dolls Jewel, Mittens, & Pix E. are still in stock right now!
    Just contact them will the following item names and they can add them to your cart. Lalaloopsy Girl’s Mittens Fluff N Stuff Doll, Lalaloopsy Girl’s Pix E. Flutters Doll, Lalaloopsy Girl’s Jewel Sparkles Doll
    They are all still in stock, and priced at $19.99 for each doll. Here is the link for contacting Amazon.

    • Their hair changes with ice water, or just cold in general. (I’ve had dolls with the same effect in the winter that stayed with ‘ice water colors’ all through the season, haha!) I tried Mittens, Jewel, and Pix E. -all of them change nicely, but don’t keep the color for very long. It wears off as soon as the hair dries/gets warm again.

  3. Has anyone seen the playground playsets at TRU? I have seen that several people have been spotting them. Not hearing good things about them though. And someone just found Sew Silly Chatters at TJ Maxx. They look to be soft dolls with a pull string on the back. When you pull the string they talk. The only picture I can find of the Sew Silly Chatters is from facebook. Hopefully you guys will be able to see it

    • Man…can’t see the picture. Haven’t seen the playground sets yet but haven’t been looking either. I am kind of surprised that they would make another soft doll after they just discontinued the whole line of soft dolls because they weren’t selling. Hopefully its voice isn’t as awful as the silly singers. Those things send me running for cover!!

      • You know it’s weird because the Silly Chatters aren’t even on the list of things being released. They just sort of popped up. I can’t find any pictures of the Silly Chatters or the playground sets except for on Facebook. If you have a Facebook join the group Lalaloopsy & Disney Buy-sell. I tried Google and found nothing.

  4. Just found out that the full size Dotty Gale Winds is a Sams Club exclusive. People have already been spotting her in stores.

    • Interesting…….who knew Sams Club would get an exclusive???? Not good news for me…..I am not a member but probably wouldn’t get her anyway. I like to look though.

      • I’m not a member either. Really I don’t even know what Sam’s Club is all about. All I know is that I’m not gonna pay monthly to go to some store.There are plenty of stores I can go to for free. I will find someone who is a member though so they can get her for me :)

  5. Ohhh!!! I like the new Target Christmas exclusive. Hopefully I will be able to find one. And I was just thinking when looking at that pic of Storm E and Cloud E that they should have given them instruments. I think Storm E should have come with a guitar and Cloud E a harp.

      • She is mini called Noelle Northpole, her birthday is December 12th, her personality is she’s got a loud, jolly laugh that makes everyone else want to laugh right along with her. Sometimes she laughs so loud she shakes the snow off the trees. She was sewn from a winter suit. Her skin tone is tan and she has blond hair with a hairstyle similar to Choco with pink bows. she has a Santa hat on, and her outfit is a recolor of Toasty’s, with red boots, white mittens, and her dress is red with white edges. Her pet is a recolor of bea’s pet, being completely white. She has a red stocking with 2 red lolipops and 1 red candy cane peeking from the top. she also has a present that looks like rectangle with rounded edges and one of the edges looks like someone bited it off. its wrapped in dark green wrapping paper that has polka dots on it, and the a sewn heart, the kind you see on lalaloopsy’s underwear. it also has a green ribbon going horizontally on it with a pink bow on top. her packaging looks like a chritmas ornament, which is leaning to the side, with a red bow topping it. I hope you can picture how she looks now :).

  6. I think it says her name is Noelle Northpole(it is hard to see her first name)…..she kind of looks dressed up like santa-ish……and she has a pet owl..the same as Bea’s except it is all white.

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