Cloud E. Sky and Storm E. Sky Lalaloopsy Girls

Storm E. Sky

Two more dolls are joining the Lalaloopsy Girls lineup: Cloud E. Sky and newcomer Storm E. Sky. Are they sisters? Maybe cousins? They have the same last name, after all! Click on either image to see the original on the Lalaloopsy Boulevard Facebook page.

Cloud and Storm

Cloud E. Sky is wearing a light pink dress with white shoes, leggings, hair clips, and a white bow. Her pet poodle, her wings, and a pink comb are also included. Storm E. Sky has a darker look, with purple hair and tights, a black ruffled skirt, a silver jacket over a striped top, and black boots with purple laces. Her pet is a purple cat with a black lightning bolt tail. The clips included with Storm are small lightning bolts.

I think these two are my favorite Lalaloopsy Girls so far! Their complimenting color swatches and personalities are charming, and the outfit styles are unique while having matching elements that tie them together. For instance, they both have pigtails, but Cloud E’s are higher up while Storm’s are lower down. They’re both wearing ruffled tutu skirts, but in different colors. They both have a large sidebow, but Storm E. Sky has bangs while Cloud E. sweeps her hair to the side. I’m glad some of the dolls will be coming in two packs and I’m excited to see what Lalaloopsy Girls will come out with next! I’m hoping for fashion packs, furniture, and guys!

17 thoughts on “Cloud E. Sky and Storm E. Sky Lalaloopsy Girls

  1. OMG!!! I love them!! I am so surprised that they introduced a new character. I love the concept, I love the way they look….this might be my must have!!!!!

  2. Eeee! These are AMAZING. Cloud E. is my absolute favorite! I didn’t think they’d be making a LalaGirls doll of her so soon. I thought they would work their way through the characters in order of release or something. AND they paired her up with a new girl!! Ahhhh! I need these two so bad. D:

  3. I’m with you Jessica! The others I was like oh those are cute maybe we will get some,but Cloud E. and Storm E I HAVE to get!!!

  4. that’s so funny, my daughter has Cloud E Sky and I’ve said ever since she got her that they should give her a little sister named Cloud E Sky! I wonder if I posted that anywhere…hmmm… 😉 These are quite cute, I can see that they might extend the Lalaloopsy dolls to older girls. My daughter’s only five but she doesn’t play with her big Lalaloopsies that much anymore, she always preferred the Littles and the Minis and still plays with them all the time. I betcha that she’s really going to like the Girls. She likes the pictures–already said “Will you get those for me?” (Of course she says that about a lot of things…)

  5. I heard that the Lalaloopsy Girls will be avaliable this month. Is that true? When I heard the old dolls would be reselling last year, I looked for them in August last year, but they weren’t there. But when I looked again in October, I saw them and immediately grabbed Dot (I looked at TRU by the way).

    • Hello Sarah, my local TRU which is in Grand Rapids, MI had Bea, Mittens, Pix E & Jewel. I narrowed it down to Bea and LOVE her! And am especially tickled that she can stand on her own! SEW cute! My friend in PA says her TRU doesn’t have them or the Tinies yet. My TRU also had the whole assortment of Tinies! Her local Target has the Tinies, mine does not. Hope they ALL arrive in your town real soon!

  6. I watched the Lalaloopsy Girls movie.Cloud.E is energetic while Storm.E is sarcastic and hardly smiles.At first their roomates and Cloud.E act’s like their best friends.Later,their in the libraey studying their history and where they came from and Cloud.E founds out that their sisters!Storm.E shocked because they are so diffrent and hurts Cloud.E feeling but they make up.It’s a great movie!

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