Blossom Flowerpot Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise Preview

Blossom Flowerpot Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise

As we saw on the back of Peanut Big Top’s box last time, there’s also a Blossom Flowerpot Diaper Surprise. Thanks to laladoll3 for reminding me!


Blossom Flowerpot Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise comes with three extra diapers, a bracelet, her pet butterfly as a bottle, and a bowl and spoon set. She’s wearing a cute flower hat and has a bib, which makes sense for a set like this. I have to admit, I like the way these solid plastic babies look better than the soft bodied ones. The patterns on the soft Lalaloopsy Babies are not my favorite look; plus it looks like the diaper surprise babies can stand on their own. The bottle is a transparent plastic, so you fill it with water to feed the baby. It looks like there’s a button on her stomach; I’m assuming that’s what releases the charms and water. Just like many real baby diapers,  a pattern appears when the diaper becomes wet (unlike a real baby diaper, the pattern is apparently on the inside).  Aside from the fact that the adorable charms you’re supposed to wear come out of her butt, this is a pretty cute toy.

8 thoughts on “Blossom Flowerpot Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise Preview

  1. Oh ok…..I didn’t even notice the plastic body before. But it definitely makes sense considering the drinking peeing thing, lol.

    I went to Target today and I did see Star Magic Spells and and the snow cone one…….I was surprised to find them already….they didn’t have any new ones at ToysRus. I was debating on getting Star but I didn’t : ( I have to stick to my goal of not getting anymore big ones until I have more space or unless I absolutely have to have one……she looked nice though. I.C. was ok…a little underwhelming but still nice. I was hoping to see Candle in person but I will have to keep searching I guess.

    • I do agree with BH on one thing: This really is the dumbest idea to come from MGA. But for him to drive that far to find them and post them all over social media is a dumb idea.

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